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    Panasonic GH4 + Metabones x0.71, BMCC 2.5k (EF), BMMCC, Nikon V1, GoPro Hero 4 (Backbone conversion), Sigma 18-35 f1.8, Laowa 12 f2.8, Nikon AI-S 28 f2.8 / 50 f1.4 / 85 f1.4, Helios-44 58 f2, Vintage Russian Kiev-16U S-16 lenses (12 f2, 20 f2, 50 f2)
  1. The power of the media has long been the deciding factor in who wins elections, and the attack on the BBC from the far right of the Conservative party is just a continuation of this story. My cynical mind thinks they are preparing the ground for Fox News to sweep up as much of the BBC audience as possible by creating a faux scandal around this story. They've been really gunning for the BBC at least since the Brexit vote campaign, where BJ was putting fake numbers on buses and whipping up fear about immigration on billboard posters. The Guardian published an article last week about educa
  2. The fact Sigma is a smaller, family business goes a long way towards explaining why I like this company. Their integrity and openness (eg about the Foveon sensor development challenges) count for a lot. I trust this company to do the right thing by their customers. How many camera companies can we say that about?!! Few publicly quoted companies are run in a principled, values-driven way. MOST large family businesses are run this way (those that were purely profit-driven sold out early, in order to cash in). As a consultant, I've worked for several large family businesses in the pas
  3. What video-centric buyer in their right minds would 'upgrade' to a GH5 MkII, or buy into M43 with Panasonic, when a Pocket 4k with Gen5 colour science can be had so cheaply? If anyone from BlackMagic Design is reading this thread, please raid your parts bin and make a Pocket 4K Pro, or a 6K with M43 mount... with your Gen 5 colour science and an EVF, I'd imagine you'd convince a fair few video-oriented GH5 owners and prospective GH6 owners to switch brands... I agree this doesn't bode well for M43, and it's not looking like a GH6 is coming. I imagine a lot of GH owners like me bought in
  4. Adding to my above post, this article is interesting: https://blog.sigmaphoto.com/2021/sigma-fp-l-camera-quick-guide-features-photos-faqs/ It doesn't major on the sensor being full frame, but rather on the 61 megapixles... In CineD's review of the camera, they quote from a conversation with Sigma's product manager for the fp cameras, Wakamatsu-san as follows: "For now, please see below the recommended crop factors for EACH scenario: For the best Resolution, x1.3 – 2.48 For phase detection AF, x1.0 and x1.53 For best dynamic range, x1.24" This reinforces tha
  5. I think the tendency of youtuber reviews is to focus on specs and camera comparisons, rather than use cases and who/what the camera is intended for. I guess it's easier, and controversy always gets the 'click'... I like Gerald's channel but this video missed the mark for me. I'm really liking this camera for its compact travel friendly size, modularity, those colours and its focus on great images straight from the camera (rather than leaning on fix it in post). It seems to me this suits the photography-schooled shooter who likes the minimalist gear approach, for both stills and vide
  6. a supplementary question to this one, thinking about mounting options on my rigs: what is AFX's possible mounting radius (assuming the unit is mounted sometimes beside or below the camera, as well as above on a hotshoe) from the lens?
  7. Many thanks for the comprehensive answer. My order is now placed!
  8. If you use the AFX on different cameras, I'm assuming you need to calibrate for each camera assuming the AFX mounting point (in relation to the lens) varies across cameras. Can you simply store different camera presets for each lens? Is there any limit to the number of stored lens calibration presets? I'm close to ordering, this looks fantastic. Just want to make sure I understand the practicalities of using it across different cameras.
  9. The other factor I think is under-played in your analysis is the impact of Chinese manufacturers. The know-how and capability of Chinese manufacturers has piggy-backed on the big Japanese camera companies and American big tech firms that have production plants in China. And so the economics of the industry has changed, and I would imagine this is a challenge for incumbent brands: how do you get a return on your R&D spend, and sustain that spend, when the Chinese manufacturers are racing ahead now and pricing aggressively? Blackmagic and Atomos have found their ways of doing it. I
  10. I'm a fan of the micro four thirds format, and the access it provides to lots of glass. Personally, I'm waiting to see what the GH6 looks like before deciding where I go next from my GH4. Frankly, the GH4 has all the capability I need aside from a bit more dynamic range at times, and better low light capability. A GH5S might be my next step, rather than the GH6 - but I probably won't be able to resist all the new bells and whistles... I'd be more inclined to look at the Sigma FP than this new Sony camera, and be forced to change all my glass. Lately, I've been finding I'm even enjoyin
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