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Should i sell my mac pro and go PC


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I guys i have Mac pro 4.1 12 gb quad core build early 2009. I can sell it for 2000 and i am thinking  if i should and then use the money to build a PC  6 Core machine over clocked but thinking if i can get a faster machine with 2000 budget. I meanly use it for 3d rendering and editing. What do you guys think


Thanks a bunch



This is mac pro 2009
2.93GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon 5500 series processors
Two video cards PC based Radeon HD 5770 and GTX 550Ti
1 TB Hard drive Black edition
1TB HD green edition as main OSX
12 GB ddr3 memory
OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2

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Another option is to find a used i7 with Windows 7 (NOT 8!) and use it as a conversion/rendering PC, or to see how you like it.  Some even come with photo/editing software, like CS version 5, etc.

Why not Windows 8?  I've converted two of mine to Windows 8, and have installed a lot of Windows 8 machines.  I noticed an immediate speed improvement.



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Do it. The PC you build for 2K today will be much much faster than your 2009 MacPro. 




I don't think a 6 core CPU gives you a lot of extra speed. If you have the budget, it probably won't hurt, but a fast GPU (or 2 of them) is going to be more helpful I think.

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I'm a PC guy myself but those new mac pros are an unbelievable value when compared to building an off the shelf computer.  The stock 6 core at $3,999 has dual graphics cards that would set you back over $1k each if you bought them off the shelf. 


Except - at the moment - those cards are kinda redundant for video. Who would've ever bought two firepro cards for video without Apple stucking them in?


Unless software actually starts using them, they are useless.

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