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Using a Sony A7iii as B-Cam for Arri Alexa Q


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If all goes well I'm making a feature film next year on an Arri Alexa camera.

But, I need a cut-away shot of a baby in the film. And that baby happens to be mine...Considering he's only a newborn for so long, I was going to shoot some videos with my A7iii. With the hope that I can fudge it and make it seem part of the film shot on Arri Alexa.

My question is: Should I shoot it in one of the S-Log modes. If so, which one?
I've heard mixed things about shooting Log with the A7iii.  Some folks saying that because of it not being 10-bit, you're not really gaining many color grading benefits. And to just shoot regular color.

Thanks for your time

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I'd probably just go with one of the Cine profiles or picture profile off. As long as you expose/light correctly you'll have no issues. 

Nothing wrong with 8 bit cameras you just can't push them as far. If you have a good image to begin with you are fine. An A73 can look as good as an Alexa. 

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+1 for a normal picture profile, like @TomTheDP says.  This will mean controlling your lighting and DR in the scene and white-balancing meticulously.

It would also help the colourist immensely if you shot a colour chart, preferably in every setup if you can.

8-bit is fine if it's starting in a 709-like space, and the A73 isn't that bad when you consider that feature films have mixed GoPro footage in with cinema cameras!

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14 minutes ago, Trek of Joy said:

I've always shot Cine2 as well using the Leeming LUT. The guy that does Phantom LUT's just color matched the a7s3 to his Arri and released a series of correction LUT's that bring them pretty darn close. 


Oh yes, I forgot to mention that I use the Leeming LUT as well. I should also mention that it's crucial to custom white balance too.

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