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RED KOMODO 6K | First Footage - WOW

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13 hours ago, zerocool22 said:

Yeah recently sold all my camera's except the S5. (as I did not shoot anything over a year now, in fear of the value of the camera's dropping, while actually it hasnt so far lol)

The pocket has held steady. It’s price/capabilities haven’t been matched and may not be for a long time. No one wants to jump into the cheap RAW game.

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I understand what rolling shutter is. Let me explain even more clearly.  If I pick up a camera and shake it while recording, I get motion in the footage because the camera is pointing in a differ

Got my hands on Red Komodo to test for a few days. I'm impressed. A few more images can be seen here: https://imgur.com/a/HAWFShe  

I’m going to buy a Komodo. So I can come on here and tell the amateur hybrid camera video makers all about my thick colour, GS (yes! yes! YES!) and other juicy comments designed to reinforce my s

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Komodo still growing up with new interesting features in a beta build:

Added 6K Anamorphic R3D support (requires REDCINE-X PRO v52.3 or later)
Added 6K 2:1 format
Added Livestream Tools and Magnify support
Added FTPS support for remote offload
Added 4 channel audio support
Added WiFi Scan support
Added Prism Viewfinder mode
Added Canon RF lens control ring support
Added cross sync support (e.g., Genlock 30P, SDI 60P)
Added BWAV support for off-speed audio
Added static IP support to Infrastructure mode
Added Exascend CFast 512GB and 1TB to approved list
Fixed intermittent 'Error loading clip' in playback


I'm sure many things are still in development for future updates.

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