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RED KOMODO 6K | First Footage - WOW

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13 hours ago, zerocool22 said:

Yeah recently sold all my camera's except the S5. (as I did not shoot anything over a year now, in fear of the value of the camera's dropping, while actually it hasnt so far lol)

The pocket has held steady. It’s price/capabilities haven’t been matched and may not be for a long time. No one wants to jump into the cheap RAW game.

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I understand what rolling shutter is. Let me explain even more clearly.  If I pick up a camera and shake it while recording, I get motion in the footage because the camera is pointing in a differ

Got my hands on Red Komodo to test for a few days. I'm impressed. A few more images can be seen here: https://imgur.com/a/HAWFShe  

I’m going to buy a Komodo. So I can come on here and tell the amateur hybrid camera video makers all about my thick colour, GS (yes! yes! YES!) and other juicy comments designed to reinforce my s

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