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GH3 first time buying a camera - advice needed


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Hey guys.

i am out looking for a cheap'ish camera for some stuff i do.

i'm doing a lot of skydiving and extreme sport that i record on a hero 5, but i want a better camera for when i'm talking about the experience before and after.
Is there anything i should look out for when buying this camera?, is there any better options you would recommend in the range of 300 usd?
As far as i have found out, this camera should be pretty good for what i need it for, especially the flip screen, since im gonna have to adjust a lot in the beginning to hit the spot.

i am completely green on the camera side of things, so i am just trying it out to see if it will grow on me.

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Looking on ebay (completed listings) there seem to be quite a few GH4's going for around the $350 mark, If you have settled on the GH3 it was an ok camera, but the GH4 was a great improvement to the GH line, the addition of 4K and especially the 96fps for me was a big improvement over the quite restricted GH3 🙂


Alternatively the g85 has ibis and might be worth a look, a lot of people swear by them.

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