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Beefing up the S1H


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14 hours ago, currensheldon said:

Looking forward to just being happy with the S1H (especially now with 6k and 4k ProRes Raw!) for the next 2-3 years. 

I feel your comments so much. I'm always looking for new technology that could help me when I shoot. I'm so into new gear, new releases, new AF tech, etc. 

But after looking at all that I often take a step back, then open my eyes on what gear I have. 

And when I look at the Panasonic S1H, i really feel that Panasonic was the only one to give us everything we wanted. A true professional workhorse. As i am writing this message i'm on my way home from 2 shooting days. The Panasonic never disappointed once. Not only in the last 2 days but since I've purchased it late February for a bargain price. I'm really happy with it, it has everything that I want although i'd love to have a better AF. 

But as you said, once Panasonic releases its 3 f1. 8 primes by autumn, i will be all good. 

I will buy another underappreciated camera to use those primes too : Sigma FP.

It's basically a Blackmagic Pocket 4k FF. 

I'm so happy with my S1H! 👍🏽 

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14 hours ago, currensheldon said:

Panasonic just makes the most reliable and robust cameras with all the specs you need and have leapfrogged Canon in color and IQ with the S1 and S1H. Sure, having great AF is helpful sometimes, but it has failed me enough with the C200 and EOS R that I would never trust it on a professional shoot.

Looking forward to just being happy with the S1H (especially now with 6k and 4k ProRes Raw!) for the next 2-3 years. 

I'm in the exact same boat as you. I bought a Sony a6400 last year to try and make my workflow easier with autofocus (I shoot 80% documentaries). It was so nice 95% of the time, but it always failed me when the shot mattered the most!  Just bad luck I guess. Also the footage from it just looks dull to my eye, lacking in colour and lots of noise reduction above ISO 4000 or so making it really plasticky. 

With my S1H and GH5s, I am always blown away when I see the footage on my computer after a day of filming.  It always looks way better than what I saw on the LCD/viewfinder making the overall shooting experience fun for me. These cameras will keep me satisfied for years upon years. No more GAS for me! ...(hopefully).

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2 hours ago, IronFilm said:

What was the bargain price you got it for?


I paid around 2900 € for a brand new S1H. The 24-70 f2.8 S Pro I paid 1750€ brand new, with a promotional 500€ cashback from Panasonic France it cost me 1250 euros, so I paid half the price (the price of the Sigma 24-70 2.8 actually) !! 

It's a little retailer in Paris that doubles as the official repair center for Panasonic and Tamron. Sometimes they have some brand new refurbished products. They resell them with 2 years warranty and a discount price. 

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