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Pocket 6k do prores 444?


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Curious does anyone know why none of Blackmagic's cameras besides the URSA can do Prores 444

Would be nice to have on the P6K to shoot in HD 444 and get an image that is similar to RAW without shooting cropped HD RAW. I am also aware how counterproductive it sounds to get a 6k camera and shoot in HD 😅 but what can I say 6k and even 4k is overkill for most of the stuff I do.

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51 minutes ago, FranciscoB said:

Probably a distinction between models. Better versions of prores exclusive for higher models. 

probably but seems unlike BM. 


46 minutes ago, Geoff CB said:

Yeah the complete lack of 4:4:4 is frustrating. Even if it was just in 1080p. I adore the 4:4:4 from the Ursa.

Yeah I am just realizing it. Probably gonna shoot most stuff on 1080 or 2k 444 tbh

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43 minutes ago, FranciscoB said:

Only the ursa models had and have the prores 444 so it doesn't surprise me and it seems totally coherent with bm record. On the lower models you have prores 422 flavors and raw. On the higher models you have several versions of prores and raw. 

That's true, my only other though that maybe its a heating issue on the smaller cameras? The Pocket 4k and 6k don't have dual gain readout like the older cameras and the Ursa's either. 

You may be right though, could be just the cripple hammer.

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