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Cheap, punchy RGBs

Tim Sewell

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For my next burst of lockdown creativity I'm going to need to shoot some CU and MCUs night for night. The keylight will be tungsten illumination from inside, but I also want some blue fill from the other side. I was trying to remember the code for the filter gel to get that nice steely fake night blue (and if anyone can remind me, that would be great) but then I got to thinking it's payday and the pubs aren't going to open any time soon, so maybe I should get an RGB LED light source instead. So can anyone point me towards a reasonably punchy RGB panel (other fixtures may also be considered) that will suffice, if necessary as a key in low light, for around or under GBP250? Preferably with a UK or EU supplier. Many thanks, filmic funsters!

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I have this one, very cheaply made, I haven't  use it much, but the wow effect is there, and for cheap.

I believe there are newer versions out now, II and III but I do not know anything about them.

For the price, is good value I believe.

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