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85mm f1.2 canon FD needs coaxing to fit my EOS.

Christina Ava

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Hello fellow optical connoisseurs,


I got the 85mm f1.2 canon on a lens binge today, and nowi am wondering how to adapt it on a canon mark 3.

Does anyone know the lens? It needs a converter (FD lens to EF body), but as i read on, it seems the lens loses its infinity focus, and i don’t know if it even shows any vital marks when on the camera.There are some limitations that seem to be very serious ones.


I am using it only on manual mode and for video.

Does anybody own the lens, can you please recommend any good adaptors? Has anyone shot any video with it?


Thank you very much for your time

p.s don’t drink and lens

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As far as I know these EdMika mounts are reversible conversions. You don't ruin your lens, you can always install the original back part of the lens, the FD mount. There are tutorial videos on youtube about it. You just have to unscrew 3-4 screws, remove the FD mount, install the EF mount, reinsert the screws.

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You can use an FD to EOS adapter which has an additional layer of glass inside.  This will soften your image (especially when shooting wide-open), but you'll be able to focus to infinity.


Another option is to switch to mirrorless cameras ... I just made the switch from Canon to Panasonic (and also Sony).  FD glass works splendidly on mirrorless cameras with a simple adapter without glass.  


I shot this video with FD glass and a Panasonic G6 : 

Coely - My Tomorrow - YouTube
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Go for the conversion, definitely. The adapters with glass to correct focus will leave you with a virtually unusably blurry image at fast apertures, which is what this lens is all about.


Great lens, deserves the conversion.


There's also a guy in the UK who does a conversion where you send the FD lens to him. Professional guy and highly recommended.




Try dropping Eddie an email :)


The EdMika mounts look good too.

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hello everyone thanks! i think im going for the UK lensdoctor conversion, 

the edmika is cheaper and looks good but the actual DIY does not look easy, especially the part where you need to pull out the glass on the back with pliers, without scratching it, and there is some danger of locking up the aperture ring, and then having to dig deep.


nevertheless Ed mika  has some really nice solutions for people that are handy and confident to open up their lens.As far as i get he is sorting out a new conversion soon.


this lens is worth the trouble!

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