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A7S might be skipped again due to coronavirus outbreak


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10 hours ago, IronFilm said:

I do believe that Sony is "protecting" their cinema camera range by crippling the features/specs in their a7 / a6x00 range. 

But also, the fact *ALL* (even their mk3 models, which was meant to "fix" that) of their mirrorless models overheat makes me think that they're not just protecting their cinema cameras, but that Sony has hit genuine technical issues with their mirrorless models which holds them back. 

Agreed. My assessment is that Sony is content (up to now at least) with its Alpha series 8-bit video specs for prosumers, and is hence protecting their cine line. At the same time this policy means no rush in developing beyond Bionz X or heat-management, the 2 bottlenecks towards better video specs.

The competition knows this, which is why Canon are imo taking this as big opportunity to take market shares by themselves going beyond their usual stagnancy and deliver us the goods so to speak. 

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On 2/5/2020 at 3:51 PM, Mokara said:

People who use the FS cameras do so because of the form factor and connectivity of those products. The a7S series are hybrids, and address a completely different market space and function. There will not be any significant competition no matter how similar the specs might be. Different tools for different purposes. A pro is going to use the right tool, not the cheapest one. Cost is primarily an issue in the consumer market space, and almost none of those folk buy FS products anyway.

So the a7SIII is not going to take sales away from the FS line. That is not an issue for Sony, it is only an issue for the conspiracy theorists.


I have both an FS5 and A7iii, even though I believe the A7iii makes better looking video, the FS5 while having really bad lowlight performance and autofocus it is easier to use for video due to the ergos + SDI + variable  ND+ SDI.  

I'm more interested in seeing what the FX6 has in store over the A7siii. 

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