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Digital 'film reel' for Super-8 Cameras


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Saw this. Seems like a cool idea but I feel like it sort of defeats the purpose of owning and shooting on a Super 8 camera 


No idea how well it will work, but if it works well I don't see what the problem is. The purpose of owning a Super-8 camera has been defeated when the processing was discontinued by Kodak years ago, it's a pain in the ass to do it these days, so this would actually save all those cameras from becoming obsolete junk.


With new features and a more decent codec I'd be all for having something similar for 16mm cameras. I'm not really sure how the mechanical camera features from the different camera models translate into this product, but if they sort that out then this is only a camera brain, sensor and media storage. A nice way to convert an analog camera to digital, while still being able to use it as a film camera.

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Please don't degrade Super-8 cameras to retro-toys for some geeks !

Design and ergonomics: I doubt Dieter Rahms would have designed the Nizo (which needs quicksilver batteries) like he did with todays technical possibilities?!

Yummy 720p inferior Iphone quality out of a Nikon R10-tank or a trustless Beaulieu... great idea. The ergonomics of a Leicina is ridiculous   

But the Kodakchrome - Ektachrome switch is so coool. Unfortunately the designer still has no valid solution for the rotating shutter... film is film and video... I like both and both have its advantages! 



The purpose of owning a Super-8 camera has been defeated when the processing was discontinued by Kodak years ago

Today there is more different stock available than ever before... and the best thing is: You have to think about what you film. Film is expensive and has a different/higher value. For me that is big advantage in times of abundance and mass production! It is the same with music! It is harder and harder to find the beautiful underneath all the cheap crap.

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It's hard to tell what your point is... you beg them not to degrade super-8 cameras with retro-toys for geeks then you proceed to degrading every single super-8 camera you could think of! :)


This is not a film vs digital debate either.


If they get it right, you could have both in the same camera, and more important, in a camera most people already own.

These specs are not appealing to me, but this could pave the way to a more beefed up version, just imagine being able to choose digital sensors to go with your old film camera...


It's not about what this product is, it's about what it could become.


If you don't like it, don't buy it, it's not mandatory! :)

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I don't have a super8 but I think the idea is great, would be better if it was not recording the image projected on a ground glass. Instead it could have a super8 sensor directly gathering light from the camera's lens, sensor in the film plane, not a ground glass.


This thing is like the iphone Canon EF adapter, that also has a ground glass and the phone's camera focuses on that.

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Hi Bruno! You're right what I said might sound weird... :) I own several cameras and they often are very annoying with their quirks.

Many S-8 cameras are not "tripod-friendly" which is really bad for example. And so many other things like viewfinder, beam-splitter

strange batteries (Beaulieu) or no batteries (Nizo) and on most old cameras the lenses are really bad... you could count on and on...


So, I just think it is better to use a modern camera with all the advantages with maybe old lenses (like Andrew and thousands others) to get a less digital look. 

I really like video and enjoy my GH2/3 but there is not substitute for film if you put digital "box" in an old camera that is why I think it is a

useless approach. 

I still doubt that it is technically doable

But who knows? maybe this could become great... than I will of course buy one (hate being dogmatic) So lets just hope for a great product  :)


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