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Guess the camera and morph lens!


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Hey Rob,
Great video, lovely images.
I love your idea, I think it will really make people think about the importance of gear vs good technique, location etc.
it's difficult, as the quality looks great. My guess would be a small sensor camera like the GH2. I am ruling out the 5d's, only because of the lack of shallow DOF, but I could be wrong.
Lens wise, it looks beautiful and I have an idea of what it is but I want to hold back and hear other people's thoughts first.


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My 2 cents: 5D3 RAW in 2.66 crop mode.

The only reason i'm going for this is because i noticed some blured fringing effect at the top of the screen, which I think is a trait of ML RAW.

If you did use an anamorphic, its not really showing the tell tale signs.

But its v.nice whatever you used.

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eye is not french

but eye have a nose for chretien avec hypergonar iscorama ectera ecetera into der france infinity.

butt dis is not jean cock toe or frank truffaut or even frenchie yes no?

it very nice indeed missoir sir.

der girl a little flat up top for my huge tastes

the hat a little  big for der head no.

the lens some kind of modern hyper spherical with one possibly 2 aspherics elementals inside the name on the outside says wing yip china.

hipster prime spherical chop.

camera gh1 or 2

selavee auravoir monomee whatever dat means.


it does looks lovee lee just not anamorphical or bent enough for mee

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It's GH2 hacked with isco 36 1.5 anamorphic and 28mm m42 lens (hence why no morph bokeh)


this was a quick shoot all shot wide one lens angle for speed.


I agree its not bent enough due to the wide angle and being fairly stopped down (think f8)


I just think its pretty special what the old GH2 can still do.

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