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Finally sat down with footage from over a month ago.  Shot for about 45 minutes with this guy, grabbed some goofy audio, and eventually put in my afternoon of editing.  I used a Helios-44-2.  So, 116m

Pretty sure I have used two lens for this which broke the single lens rule but I can assure that both are Soviet. I made this a while ago as part of my street music passion project.  If anyo

It's challenge time again.  Behold....    The SINGLE SOVIET PRIME LENS challenge!! Based on your replies on my poll, here is the next challenge. RULES: The entire film mus

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I mean... they are pretty dope! Got a bunch too. Whether the good ol' HELIOS... MIR-1B, Industar or Jupiter series or TAIR-11A etc, all good fun lenses, some of which still available as NOS (New Old Stock) and rather affordable, so it's hard to contain yourself. And not every year and generation of each lens instance is the same... so then you start getting different kinds of the same lens to compare... then you get into the 'Red P' editions and the ones with 'cm' expressed focal lengths.

Supposedly they'll soon be shipping my IGA HELIOS 44-2 58mm f/2 VLEV cinemod. Rehoused. 16 bladed aperture. PL-mount metric (with their Iron Glass Adapters PL to EF adapter). That one is going to be with me for a long long time. Hopefully one day I'll actually shoot it native PL.

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