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Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, anamorphic lens.


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Actually, no. This is with the Bolex. The Iscomorphot is great, by the way, here are some video stills I shot with it - http://imgur.com/a/WBA8g


It's interesting, since buying the Blackmagic, I've been able to use wider lenses of course and I got a Nikon AIS 28mm which is SUPER sharp and I love it, plus it works really, really well with the Bolex. I bought the isco because I was sick of double focussing BUT since getting the Nikon, I almost don't have to double focus with it anymore because it's so good. I can actually rack focus. Somehow double focussing is not a big deal like it was before (with any other 50mm lens (Helios, Canon etc.) that I used on the Canon body).


The other thing is that when I put the isco on the Nikon 28mm, it doesn't work exactly at infinity. I have to still double focus (a little) and bring it back from infinity a bit. AND then I can't take advantage of the Nikon's brilliant sharpness because I obviously can't move it beyond close to infinity. Hope that makes sense. By the way, the Canon 40mm Pancake is really good with the isco too, I've noticed.


So, I want to find a great wide lens for the isco thats super sharp at infinity but, um, I'm broke now after all this ;o) haha.

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