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  1. I don't know why it posted three, the page froze and when I refreshed it had posted three times, how do i delete the other two?
  2. Before I bought this lens I was told you could only use it on crop sensor cameras... bullshit, here it is on the D800:
  3. Before I bought this lens I was told you could only use it on crop sensor cameras... bullshit, here it is on the D800:
  4. Before I bought this lens I was told you could only use it on crop sensor cameras... bullshit, here it is on the D800:
  5. Thank you so much for responding, I was going to invest in one of these for editing purposes: http://www.rcblogic.co.uk/p-3241-g-tech-g-raid-7200rpm-thunderbolt.aspx?source=paidclick&gclid=CJW5tJ_97rsCFUnjwgod60gAQA Would this be a suitable external device for colour correction and editing? With this external device will I get real time playback and if not will it at least be relatively speedy? I intend to put the rushes I want to use on that drive, edit the finished film in 2.5k raw and then delete the rushes and keep using it for a project to project basis storing the finalize
  6. Hi guys I recently shot a test on the BMCC using a Bolex Anamorphot 8/19/1.5x. I purchased a sandisk 480gb SSD which was sold as new but was in fact full of another persons files. When I formatted the card and shot some prores the video files had some weird digital distortion, does anyone know what may be the cause of this?
  7. Beautiful shots man, makes me feel affirmed in getting the Bolex, really unique image.
  8. I'm finally updating my computer situation and have recently purchased the BMCC camera (along with the Bolex Anamorphot 8/19/1.5x anamorphic lens which I will add test videos to that section when I'm able) and want to shoot in 2.5k raw primarily for short films. I would like to know if this computer is capable of that, I appreciate this seems like a lazy question but I have spent time researching it but would like a fellow forum geek to affirm my decision. Thanks and sorry for being so cheeky.
  9. Vid atlantic claim the smaller sensor of the Black magic will make shooting with these adapters easier in comparison to full frame slr's where you will have to shoot with 85mm+  focal lengths to avoid vignetting.   http://vidatlantic.tumblr.com/post/29382687522/small-sensor-fears-blackmagic-camera-with-anamorphic   That article mentions 2x anamorphic adapters whereas the one you listed is 1.33x.    Also the century optics filter your linking too really isn't worth the money, all the test videos are riddled with distortion and it looks cheap. If you want to use an
  10. I know I'm a month late but I would be interested, 300 pounds or dollars? I saw one on ebay just yesterday that didn't sell for £250 including clamps: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/151115438237?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2648
  11. I am upgrading from my loathsome Canon 550D and will have approximately £5000 by December. The recent price drop in the Black Magic (MFT for me!) has finally convinced me after debating the merits of the Sony FS100 with myself but for the price and image compared to the BMCC it seems like common sense to me. I had my hopes set on the FS700 but for it's price tag I'll seldom be able to purchase anything else which is pointless and having rented the FS700 for my past two films I think it's time I avoid high speed for an entire production, I have a tendency to be far too indulgent with it. 
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