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Isco Micro Red 2x


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I have just brought an Isco Red Mini with a rangefinder and Superscope Adapter (AnamorphicStore USA) its a lovely thing and I’m very happy but I can’t help feeling if I could find someone who could service the lens (aka as Tito F did in his Kowa B&H Video) then I could get it even sharper. Does anyone have any experience in dismantling/servicing one of these lenses or even better recommend someone or a business who could? (I don’t think my eyes are good enough for the job)

Two quick questions, I am currently using a 100mm cannon as a taking lens, could I also use a 135mm if I wanted to push in or is it better to use a diopter? 

Finally I’m currently using it with a SonyA7s which, when I use it with the Focus assist, even if viewing it on my SmallHd 701 monitor - the enlarged image is so blurry I find it contributes little to helping me confirm focus?

Any recommendations or techniques, using the above setup, on how I might improve confirming the focus?



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I think it'd be best, if you either put some photo samples for us to confirm, whether it's scope's fault OR just contact the seller.

To my knowledge, no-one has ever had to tune their Ultra Star or posted any information about approaching this dilemma.


BTW: In my opinion (any many people share this belief), anamorphicstore is a huge rip-off, but it's a free country and everyone chooses what they like.

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separate it into its various bits (not pull it apart ). i mean disconnect the supperscope then the rangefinder. just have the red anamorphic  mounted to the taking lens, take some photos add on the rangfinder take some photos and the add the superscope by process of elimination you should be able to narrow the culprit down. Maybe try other taking lenses if you can. does your monitor allow you to de squeeze the image ? how does the image look de squeezed in post ?


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