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  1. Hi I have just brought an Isco Red Mini with a rangefinder and Superscope Adapter (AnamorphicStore USA) its a lovely thing and I’m very happy but I can’t help feeling if I could find someone who could service the lens (aka as Tito F did in his Kowa B&H Video) then I could get it even sharper. Does anyone have any experience in dismantling/servicing one of these lenses or even better recommend someone or a business who could? (I don’t think my eyes are good enough for the job) Two quick questions, I am currently using a 100mm cannon as a taking lens, could I also use a 135mm if I
  2. Hi I am under a tight deadline, I have a client with a small budget who wants to shoot a project in Anamorphic. The only option I can find at the moment is a company on ebay that sells the ISCO MINI 2X ANAMORPHIC LENS with appropriate adapters. (I will be shooting on a Sony a7s probably with an old helios 85 mm take-up lens) Does anyone in the community have, or heard of anyone with any experience using these? Any feedbcak would be much appreciated. Cheers.
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