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I’m F’in Stupid, Now Tell Me Why.


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@fuzzynormal cool, thats the correct answer.

now: question #2:

HOW do you pitch it to me? pretend im being nice and we're having a nice iced coffee or something on a warm summer day

refocus. im nice, ok?

now: tell me in three sentences why i should look at your work. assume that i ALREADY LOVE ANIMALS, WHICH I DO.


me: *takes off sunglasses* so, tell me about your doc?


you: ???

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On 8/9/2019 at 10:51 PM, fuzzynormal said:

Exactly, and when one is ignorant of how to use either, it all becomes a big challenge.

Not afraid of challenges, but the fact is I'd rather play with film-making ideas and gear rather than selling.  Somehow I have to get to a balance that is effective for what I want to do.

Do you have any advice from your experience?

As a filmmaker it is natural for you to rather play with film-making ideas than doing marketing. Heck, I was a marketing student at university, had very good scores for all marketing related classes, and my project was approved and put to use by ACTUAL CLIENT, yet I also hate doing marketing very much. Especially the social media thing. 

That's why there are professionals out there to help you fulfill your marketing need for the film. More often than not, they are going to do a much better job than most of us. Of course their service is not for free. So the cost for hiring marketing agency should be considered in the planning process.  

That said, your content is really good and the overall package is quite solid as well. The pictures in your IG is very good. The texts are quite decent as well. 

Your biggest problem is in your hashtag. Hashtag in Instagram is sort of like a keyword in the index of a book. People look for a particular keyword and that keyword in the index takes them to your content. 

So, if that user has already known your film, of course they can reach to you by using hashtag like: #flyingfuranimalrescuedocumentary. However if he had never heard of you but is interested in dog rescue, they are going to search for keywords such as: #dogrescue, #animalrescue...etc. 

Instead of using hashtag that are very specific about YOUR documentary, try use hashtag that are specific for the TOPIC of your documentary.

As a dog lover and videographer, I wish you good luck and success! 

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