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Panasonic G6 vs Canon 5D MarkIII - VIDEO


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Its not a case of 'this cameras bad and this ones good', just about needs and preferences, for me I always think of the GH2, GH3 and G6 whenever I see the image as being good for some car or product commercial or flashy music video whereas Nikons for me generally have a more dreamy or nostalgic feel that I just prefer. Canon has their own look too which is somewhere in between but also pretty different.. 

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Well for me the Canon 5D3 is to soft unless you use RAW The G6 and GH3 are 4.2.0 8 bit and no matter how good the image may look this problem will always crop up in some way or another.

The only camera here that can give a professional image is a hacked Canon and then would you trust it for professional use writing to SD cards. 

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A professional image is one that you can use on a project for a client that pays you money, its a little irrational to say that thats impossible with a 5D3, GH3, 550D etc etc.. DV wasnt that long ago and people were making money with it for a long time!

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A professional image is one that you can use on a project for a client that pays you money, its a little irrational to say that thats impossible with a 5D3, GH3, 550D etc etc.. DV wasnt that long ago and people were making money with it for a long time!

No your right What I should have said is a film replacement camera.


It wasn't that long ago and still can make films using super16mm and 35mm and that has been the case for many years. Although technology has advanced we haven't actually advanced our position of what we can do by that much re picture quality. Most people in the UK still watch standard definition TV.


The reason you would want the best quality is for post and for HD and cinema and also future proofing.


If you want to make a pop, Internet DVD, or even HD with limited colour correction then go with the G6 as it probably wont matter that much and you probably could make a feature film with 8 bit 4.2.0 But why limit yourself with what should be old technology now. its only really popular with Japanese manufacturers as a way to keep technology reserved for the more professional professionals.

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the feature film 'Upstream Color' was shot on a Panansonic GH2 the cinematography is supeb it looks stunning and has had a world wide cinematic release - yes it has been on show here in the UK


GH2 has the same sensor as the G6 - the G6 produces an even nicer image than the GH2

so I dont see Panasonic cameras as limiting in any way what so ever - you can sucessfully make a feature film for

Theatrical Release with a Panasonic Camera - 8 bit 4.2.0 makes no differance to Cinema audiances






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I saw that one at the cinema, I thought it was great, really trippy! You could definitely tell what it was shot on, but of course it didn't matter in the long run...


The colour changed incessantly from shot to shot, but because it fitted the disorientation of piece it worked. I think a more traditional story with such jarring tonal vibration would distract the viewer, but here it actually enhances the piece!


It's a matter of personal taste from the creators point of view. We're lucky to have such a pallete of cheap tools to paint with!

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Owner of the G6 since yesterday. Colors are definitely nicer than those of the GH2. Now I am all for grading, not because I detest good video out-of-cam, but because it's fun. An image that shines does so because of vivid skin tones. So it's not just a matter of shoving colors in post to cover the so-called skin line, but mainly because a broader spectrum around that line was recorded in the first place (must be the Canon magic). Otherwise your motifs will look doughy. I don't know yet, how good the colors actually are compared to EOS.


With raw, you shouldn't have to worry about colors, if post-grading raw photos is comparable. I will have the Pocket (hopefully it won't take too long), and it will have a complete, well-thought-out rig from the beginning, and some day raw, for the price of a Mark III (body only).

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the G6 produces a very very sharp image better then my hacked Driftwood GH2 at 170mb/s



please take into consideration you are looking at highly compressed frootage on youtube/ vimeo


and they do not state what lenses they are using , a soft lens on a Red Epic will produce a soft image


I use Carl Zeiss lenses on my G6 and it is razar sharp and holds up well against Red Epic footage when in the edit suite

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  • Yashica 24mm f2.8  stunning sharp Carl Zeiss Distagon equivilant lens made in same factory in Japan
  • just alot cheaper - use this as your standard every day lens its very good !!
  • Carl Zeiss Vario Sonnar 28-70mm - unreal lens very very sharp - aspheric element
  • Canon FD 24-35mm f3.5 L SERIES - amazing go to all purpose lens , very very sharp has aspheric elements
  • Canon FD 35-105mm f3.5 very very sharp constant aperture zoom - great for Paul Greengrass /Barry Ackroyd Bourme Ultimatum  type zooms - (the zooms on the black background on the vid above are this lens)
  • Canon fd 50mm f1.7 - sharp cheap
  • canon fd 28mm f2.8 - bloody sharp cheap !!
  • Sigma FD fit 24mm f2.8 - has nice colours and is cheap very sharp too!
  • I do really like the Panasonic kit lens 14-42mm - its very very sharp has aspheric elements I do use it alot for outside shots with ND 4 or ND 8 on it
  • a killer insanly sharp lens is the Carl Zeiss N Mount 24-85mm - its is one of my favourite lenses and is rediculously sharp - Im talking PL mount cinema lens sharp - makes the G6 look like RED EPIC with the fine detail it renders - we use this lens alot
  • Carl Zeiss Biometar 80mm f2.8 in pentacon 6 mount- mine is 50 years old !! 1963 model - but it is a superb portrait lens I use for head shots amd close ups - Razor Sharp!!!! (head shots on vid above are this lens)
  • Panasonic 14mm f2.4 very sharp and cheap too - nice wide lens - great on street scenes in cities.

my latest new toy  Fujinon c mount 25mm f1.4 - very sharp wide open superb for night street scenes where you have neon  etc


I very rarely shoot past f2.8 on the G6 as the dof gets too narrow for me , at night I like the f1.4 Fujinon but as a whole I shoot alot of f2.8 - 3.5 on set ,as DOF is usable but looks cinematic. 

Im not into 5mm dof its unusable for me , so dont be afraid of buying f2.8 and f3.5 lens for the G6 - remember if you are outside you will be using NDs and down at f5.6 if cloudy and f8 - f11 with ND4 in the sun , so your fast lens is working slower anyhow due to the light.

On set you just light the set for f2.8 or f3.5 and you can hit marks Ok with Actors its usable for me.....

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another point to note is some of these zoom lenses with Aspheric elements are sharper than most prime lenses

Yes zooms with aspheric elements are very very sharp and I tend to use them alot as a 'variable prime' ,

meaning I dont go zooming them in and out I just use the zoom function to frame the shot how I want it


if you get these 3 zooms you can cover 90% of you shots

Panasonic 14-42mm kit lens

Canon FD 24-35mm f3.5

Canon FD 35-105mm f3.5


That takes you from 14mm to 105mm (full frame equivilant 28mm- 210mm)


then maybe get a fast f1.4 prime for night shooting and your bokeh madness arty shots

the Fujinon c mount 25mm f1.4 is very sharpa nd very cheap on ebay

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HUGE depth of field everything is in focus!! = video looking


Yup...As well as frame rate.  M43 sensors with a f2.8 and 24p is going to emulate a "cinematic" look.  It just will.  MKII with f16 and 60p will look "video."  It just will.


Gotta know what you're doing and why things do what they do to get the images required.

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