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Are there any off-brand batteries that aren't terrible compared to the on-brand ones?

Andy Zou

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I tend to buy Hawk Woods (v-lok & npf) and they work. But I’ve absolutely no idea why I think they are ok. I have some off brand npf (Atomos & Blindspot Gear) and I try to replace them with the HW. But it does get expensive simply to have the same labels in the bag. 

I only use genuine Canon for the P4k - until the battery grip arrives when I’ll use the HWs. I do find it slightly odd that I don’t “trust” BM’s own batteries. Irrational? 

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12 minutes ago, Snowfun said:

I do find it slightly odd that I don’t “trust” BM’s own batteries. Irrational? 

Absolutely not in my experience.

The battery level indicator on the camera has such a vague and usually inaccurate grasp on reality when used with their own battery that it could well become Brexit minister in the new cabinet.

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On 6/23/2019 at 5:59 PM, newfoundmass said:

Yeah, if you buy one from B&H or Adorama you're good to go, but it's a craps shoot if you buy it from Amazon unless the seller IS Amazon (as opposed to just "fulfilled by Amazon.")

I've used Power Extra batteries for 4 different cameras and they've never failed me after thousands of hours of use, so I stick with them. 

Even if the seller is Amazon, it is risky. You have no idea where they are sourcing their stuff from. They might be getting it from the manufacturer, or maybe they are getting it from someone else.

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