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Source Scaling in DaVinci?


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In premiere in the export window you can choose to scale your source material to fill the screen. I have a time line with over 200 clips shot 4K DCI in DaVinci now and can't find an option to scale it to fill a 1080p output. Just wondering if I have to go manually and scale each clip by itself in the edit page or not...


EDIT: Figured it out. You can just CMD+A the timeline in edit page and then adjust the scale and it will adjust all of the clips marked.

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47 minutes ago, andrew_dotdot said:

I believe resolve also has a Paste Attributes-style function in the context menu for this kind of thing.

I need to go through all functions at one point, want to copy all my keyboard shortcuts from Premiere. I’m actually starting to enjoy DaVinci more and more!

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I hit this when I decide to do a 2.35:1 project from 16:9 clips.

IIRC there's also an option somewhere (maybe Project Settings?) where you can choose how clips scale if they don't match the timeline resolution.  I think the default is to scale them to fit 100% within the timeline (so you get black bars on the sides) but there's an option to scale the clips so they fill the timeline resolution.

When I do this (which isn't very often) I typically forget about that option, and just go through the timeline scaling clips (1.33 is the magic number for this situation) and also taking the time to move them vertically to control which bits get cropped.

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