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Cinematography of “Key & Peele”


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From the DoP Charles Papert:



It's been close to five years since Key & Peele finished its run on Comedy Central, and somehow I never got around to making a montage clip until recently. Better late than never?!

From my first meeting with series director Peter Atencio, we were on the same page that we wanted to give each sketch a unique look and try to push sketch comedy to a new visual level. Thankfully everyone from the network to Jordan and Keegan were onboard with this!

Season 1 was Sony F3's tethered to XDCAM disc recorders and thankfully we moved to Alexa Plus's for second through fifth season. Lenses were primarily the Alura zooms plus a handful of Master Primes. For the period 70's/80's video footage I used early 80's Magnavox single tube and JVC 3-tube cameras.

We shot an average of 2.5 to 3 sketches a day, all on location and with a modest basic-cable budget. It was an incredible experience!

The cinematography I think is amazing quality and shows amazing diversity of style for such a low budget!



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6 hours ago, Towd said:

Wow!  That is really an impressive diversity of styles.  And I bet they never spent any time arguing about 2k vs. 4k or what sensor size they were shooting on.

The pilot btw was shot on a "full frame" DSLR :-P 

Then season one on the Sony F3, then the rest with the ALEXA


3 hours ago, Trek of Joy said:

Charles Pappert goes into great details about how he shot a number of the K&P skits on DVXuser, his stories from the set and how he got the shots are great reads.


Yup! He shares a lot. Just like a few others who generously do, such as David Mullen / John Brawley / Roger Deakins / etc
I learn so much from reading all their posts on forums. 

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