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EOSHD GH2 (and GF2) patches refreshed, now with 1080/25p support

Andrew Reid

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Hey guys, I have hacked my GH2 with the Vanilla patch but I can't find the 25p setting, am I doing it something wrong? Its definetely updated it, I have now 12800 ISO and I see some new menu stuff (I was still on the old stock firmware)

Can someone help me out? :)

Awesome guide and site Andrew!
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Thanks for the patch for the GH2.

Shot a few things with it (Vanilla) yesterday at a concert.
720p in EX Tele mode does not work properly when there is too much movement.
This with SanDisk Extreme Class 10 30MB/s...

Any ideas what to change to make it work?

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I am trying out the Quantum hack but how do you download patches from this page :(

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Ok, I am really new at all this, so please bare with me. I got GH2_V11.bin, ptool3.exe, sets.ini, Wine and WineBottler all in the same folder on a Mac. I open WineBottler and it says Install File.../ptool3.exe. If I click Install it runs for a while then stops. I tried opening ptool3.exe while WineBottler was open and navigated to the V11.ben file and it tells me wrong file or it as already been hacked. I need some real Hack Dummy line by line help. Thanks, RJett
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