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  1. I don't mean to stress you but.. Any update coming? :D thnks
  2. Just wondering, is it hard to apply the settings for ourself? Will it be stable? I tried to change the 720p to 44mbps but i got a "motion recording stopped" error. I've got a 20 MB/s transcend card.
  3. In the patch vault it says: AVCHD 1080/30/25/24p     44 Mbit variable bitrate     "AVCHD 720p/60/50p at 44Mbit"     Maximum ISO to 12,800     MJPEG Anamorphic 2x 4:3 at 70Mbit 1920×720/30p     All menu languages     No 29 minute clip length limit. But when the patch is applied it seems like there is no settings for 720p/60/50p. Is it or do we have to apply some settings by ourself? By the way, thanks for this awesome site :)
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