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  1. It is funny because I just noticed that the cover of the GH4 guide has a Canon L series lens attached to the GH4. I am not sure if it is a focal reducer though.
  2. If this adapter does expand to full frame equivalent, that would explain why he did not test the APS-C Sigma 18-35mm.
  3. IS built into an adapter would be complicated because the degree of lens movement needed to stabilize an image would have to take the focal length of the lens in consideration. Zooms would be very difficult for it. The Olympus bodies that have stabilization built-in can always tell which lens is connected as long as it is an active MFT mount, but for manual lenses you have to enter the focal length in a menu. I'm not saying it is not possible, but if it does, not only would it be an expensive adapter, but you would probably have to update its firmware everytime they add a new lens to its compatibility list.
  4. Does anyone else get the uncomfortable feeling every time Dan Chung of News Shooter starts man-handling the gear? He is like a kid that has to touch everything. Every rep he interviews gets that same look on their face of fear.
  5. [quote author=StivVid link=topic=596.msg4070#msg4070 date=1334618729] I think you've misread what's included with this camera.  It includes the full version of DaVinci Resolve 9.0 as well as Blackmagic UltraScope. [/quote] I did not read that part until much later. They can still upgrade people to the DaVinci hardware. I am not complaining. I think Blackmagic Designs is a very innovative company and are headed in the right direction. Reminds me of the SI2K + Cineform + Firstlight on steroids for a fraction of the price. Not going to comment on image quality, and I don't care if the sensor is a little smaller than four/thirds. People seem to be obsessed with razor thin DOF. If I see another Vimeo or Youtube video named "DOF test XX" .......
  6. There is probably not much margin in this camera. I think it is to get people hooked on DaVinci free for post and in the long run, when people do well enough financially, they will upgrade to the larger DaVinci system. In fact, you can only do 1080p in DaVinci free, I believe. An exec for Adobe once stated that they were excited that Photoshop was the most pirated software in the world, because it got people hooked on their workflow. Then when they establish a business in need of legit software, they buy the full version. Like a crack dealer who gives you the first rock free :)
  7.   I realize this is a pretty late reply, but I too got my GF2. I first loaded the firmware from Panasonic "as is" and it updated to 1.1 firmware. I then put Andrew Reid's version of the hack and it still shows 1.1 version. I know it applied because I can switch regions by going to Video Out and selecting PAL or NTSC.
  8. Thanks Andrew. I wasn't able to find that answer anywhere on the Personal View website.
  9. Andrew,   Thanks for all your work with this hack. I had a question earlier that has not been answered. I'm wondering (on the GF2) if you actually update the cameras firmware with the official Panasonic v1.1 before installing the hacked version. I know you use that firmware for the hack but do you actually install it as is first. I'm just not sure if it matters. It seems like a lot of people on this thread are dealing with the new hack, so did you all install the official firmware first before the hack?
  10.   I am still curious if people are loading their GH2/GF2 with the original Panasonic firmware v1.1 before hacking it.
  11.   My wife and I have been looking at buying the GF2 for a little while now due to its low cost. The one thing I have not seen cleared up is if the Panasonic firmware v1.1 should actually be installed on the GF2 [b]before[/b] loading the hacked firmware, or only use the Panasonic firmware v1.1 as a way to create the hack. Thanks for your help and I will be donating to the hack site. This stuff is just amazing!
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