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  1. Thank you Bruno. Big timesaver ... and good results. I am still searching for settings to match GH3 and RX100...(and GoPro 3 Black with Cineform). Not that easy for me... Regards Michael
  2. For me...shooting e.g. birds...then it looks very soft. Did not get it really as sharp as out of cam in FCP X...but will try different tool from Alex4D this evening. Any other ideas? @Andrew: What are your settings when mixing Gh3 and RX100? BTW thanks for all the great stuff on your site! Viele Grüße Michael
  3. So i did some testing today. Seems like the settings described by RunGunShoot for RX100 are a nice match to some of the GH3 settings like standard dialed down in color, contrast etc. The only thing i wonder is...GH3 is so much sharper ... even when down at -5. To have at least some sharpening in the footage comparable to GH3 i have to dial up to +2 in RX100. Any ideas? Perhapes i am still using the wrong picture styles...? Regards Michael
  4. Hello.   Thanks to Andrew...his review made me buy the RX100...i am very happy with it!   So now i would like the settings to match the GH3 with moderate flat settings for filming. Has anybody tried this out? What are your settings so that in post it is not too hard to match them? I am talking of film settings here...contrast, sharpness, filmtype etc.   Regards Michael      
  5. Hi. Thanks for the patch for the GH2. Shot a few things with it (Vanilla) yesterday at a concert. 720p in EX Tele mode does not work properly when there is too much movement. This with SanDisk Extreme Class 10 30MB/s... Any ideas what to change to make it work? Regards Michael
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