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Sony & Samsung 48MP sensors arrived...

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10 hours ago, shooter said:

Wondering which one is best buy...

Recent reviews from the usual suspects hints aliasing to be more noticed on telephoto 2x lens of the 7T version mainly on photo samples anyway:



But I don't see aliasing here in any of the old or new 7 and 7T models as for instance from this old version's sample, same camera lenses set of the 7T PRO though:

Moreover, from their comparison tool as posted in the previous page of this thread looks like the 7T glass shows better results along the borders:


On the other hand, the PRO version's curved screen can potentially be more prone to mistouch than the 7T model especially while watching videos as noticed by this some other reviewer:


A few others have also speculated the choice of cropping from 13MP to 8MP (7 PRO / 7T PRO) by the manufacturer for the telephoto lens and its rounded 3x lossless zoom mode as a way to avoid the glass borders softness found there.

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Lossless zoom not optical ends in an advantage for the 7T version with 12MP, especially going along some extra accessory such as this one when available for Androids, only on iPhones side so far:


Or this one, they announce as fitting Android smartphones like the OnePlus devices, even though I guess only dual lens based:


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Speaking of OnePlus offer and telephoto purposes...


...and most valuable phone camera add-on (I beg your CC forgiveness to this man of God because he surely doesn't understand what he's grading! LOL : )


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14 minutes ago, Belle said:

One+ 7T Pro... no 2X zoom with higher resolution? Only 8mp 3x?

No idea, including if viable going along any extra app...

However, it is possible to download 7T Pro samples (source: Android Authority) from here:



Maybe is there any clue from those samples?

Didn't check, actually.


Here's a new comparison with the new entry from Google vs OnePlus stock camera (not gcam):


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It's not only 8MP resolution and telephoto lens related.


Take a look on this comparative sample coming from the 25.7-25.75mm (35mm equivalent terms) lens, even though not over the new 7T Pro version still to be provided by the usual gsmarena tool once not yet available there (iPhone 11 Pro Max 12MP sensor is introduced among them only as 3rd comparison term):



Same Sony IMX586 48MP sensor.






7 Pro

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