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xt3 with premiere Pro CS6


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I am not very familiar with video production and I plan to buy a xt3 and to edit videos using adobe Premiere pro CS6 (that I have since few years). Is there any video tutorial out there for the workflow of using xt3 (especially uploading footage to my PC and editing in Adobe premiere)? what file format should I choose?..

My configuration is:

CPU: i7 860@ 2.80 GHz

RAM: 16 Go

HD OS: Samsung SSD 850 EVO 1 TB

Graphic card: AMD Radeon HD 6450

Thank you.



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Yeah you look at this graph and it is sucking hind tit pretty bad. Well it is actually F ing Terrible. ? I really doubt if you have that GPU on a mother board that motherboard is going to be worth anything on upgrading to a better GPU. But you seem to have a pretty good CPU on it so maybe it might work?

What type of Ram you using? 16 Gig is probably enough for now if it is good, newer spec Ram. And the new GPU Needs to have at least 6gb of ram. 4gb doesn't cut it for 4K stuff in these days. More Cuda Cores is what really makes GPU's kick ass.


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I have an external GPU for my laptop. I added this to speed up rendering video files in Adobe Premiere Pro, once I started working with H.265 HEVC about a year ago. It made a huge improvement in the time rendering files when doing export media in Adobe Premiere Pro. My system: Lenovo Yoga 920-131Kb, 16 GB Ram, Intel i7-8550U, CPU 1.80 GHz - 1.99 GHz, Quad Core, x-64 bit processor. Internal GPU is on the motherboard. Intel UHD Graphics 620.  EGPU is  Aorus Gaming Box with NVIDIA 1080 GTX graphics card, 8 GB Ram. Very portable system, works well with Adobe Premiere Pro CC, H.265 HEVC files. All of it no more than one year old. Have a few scratch disks including external Samsung 1 TB SSD plus internal SSD hard drive, 4 K screen on the laptop plus 40" 4K Samsung TV for an external monitor. The TV is not very portable, of course. Everything else can go on the plane easily in my carry-on. 

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39 minutes ago, Cameramoto said:

Non need to buy a new computer trust me. Just import the files in premiere. Make proxys of your footage in a small 1080p h.264 or proresLT. It will be buttery smooth for editing. Premiere will always use the original h.265 to make the final render.


I have never done the proxy route with Adobe Premiere Pro. Found this help file. Will try it out and see if it speeds up the editing process. Playback has been choppy during editing. Maybe this will help. The EGPU (Aorus Gaming Box with the NVDIA 1080 GTX graphics card) helps in the media export, and I think that it helps when editing too. I had to optimize settings for it to work correctly. Thanks! https://helpx.adobe.com/premiere-pro/kb/ingest-proxy-workflow-premiere-pro-cc-2015.html

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