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Why Do People Hate The Nikon Z6? What mirrorless to go with


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This is a really good idea. The forum software doesn't have a Ghost feature but it should have it. I had to ban him in the end. Too much BLAH BLAH.

On the subject of adapters, the PL adapter is out already before the camera has shipped. I expect an EF adapter to follow just as quickly from China   https://www.newsshooter.com/2018/09/06/mtf-s

Nikon Z looks the best out of the new offerings to me. I think the lenses are perfect too.  The faster primes will be 2000$ or more I bet. How is it good to launch with lenses costing more than t

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6 hours ago, wolf33d said:

My personal opinion is that buying a R versus a Z is being out of his mind. Want good photo? Get the Nikon with better sensor and as good ergonomics/colors. Want video or both? Well IBIS plus No crop beat canon R anytime. 

But for me A7S3 / GH5 FF should be better than the Z, at least in video.

a shame that Nikon does not release a 4K60P A7SIII equivalent...


Well until very recently absolutely nobody but Panasonic offered 4K 60fps (at least not around the $2K ish price point).


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Late to this, but to answer the topic, I do think it's a lot of Sony fanboys trying to defend their "territory". The Z cameras are competent and with Nikon's ergonomics might be something I get if I have too much money to burn, which is probably never.

I get paid work for stills work with a GH3, so ultimately it's about client expectation management, as well as how comfortable you are with working with your tools.

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