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My Prototype Electronic Variable ND Filter


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33 minutes ago, Kisaha said:

Go on!

Still I am not aware of the technology of changing the voltage - increase ND, what I know is that to vND something with glass, is very very expensive, and my 100euros ones do not worth a dime. One has to go to Breakthrough Photography, or more, to have what you have to have from a vND!

It is the same tehcnology that is in the Aputure DEC electronic ND.

So with regard to price, take the retail price of that unit 

Take off the VAT

Take off the sellers margin

Take off the shipping.

Take off the manufacturer's margin.

Take off the hard case.

Take off the control grip with its processor, battery and screen.

Take off the control unit with its two lens mounts, processor and screen.

Take off the mounting brackets amd cables.

What you are left with is the piece of the electronically controllable glass and even then you can lose the cost of the frame it sits in.

You can probably do the sums of how inexpensive this can be as a DIY project.

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