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Which Compact Flash card for 5D Mark III raw video?

Andrew Reid

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LOL . . . The EOS 50D - an ancient camera back to life . . .  

If this is in relation to showcasing the raw hack I have one complaint, why is everything shot on a tripod, no moving, no steadycam run and gun, it's like those promotional videos for a camera where y

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Is there a guide that will show you how to benchmark your card for 5th grade brains like me?

It's really disheartening to know that I'm going to have to gamble with Komputerbay cards until I get one that writes above 100mbs. Ideally I'd keep playing until I got one that peaked at 120mbs. 

Has Komputerbay been able to sort out what exactly causes the differences in write speeds? 

The moment someone comes along and provides a card that GUARANTEES good write speeds I will be violently throwing my money in their faces.

I'm willing to pay decent change to get a good write speed, I just wish I didn't have to gamble for it -.-

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Okay, just ordered 2x Komputerbay 64Gb 1000x cards to try out. Concern though, I've read in the ML forum and amazon reviews of these cards corrupting clips after mounting to a Mac. Any confirmation on this? Is there a reliable/proven workflow for formatting, recording, offloading media from these cards? I have both a PC and a Mac, assuming PC is the safest since all the problems I have read come from Mac users. 

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I ordered two a couple of weeks ago.  The first one corrupted files from the get-go.  Sent it back.  The second one writes ok, but loses files occasionally & transfers back to my PC at a snail's pace.  Even still images transfer very slowly.


Komputerbay cards are certainly "buyer beware."

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