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  1. Dugdale

    Pilotfly H1+

    I just tried it with the a7Rii with IBIS turned on, looking at the footage I feel like a professional now.
  2. I love my Panasonic GH4, but I could see an a7Sii + a7Rii in my future without my GH4. Sony is killing it right now.
  3. Thanks Andrew for posting this and the kind words. One correction has already happened in this video. It is funny because I have talked to Sony a couple of times about the histogram issue and they said they would add it to their request list --- BUT they don't have to because there is a way to turn it off. David Sikes says, “In the menu, go the second tap—the gear—and under its second page there is an option called “Exposure Set. Guideâ€. Switch it off“ It works!
  4. Good to know I think I will be buying more of them.
  5. I got my komputerbay card working great now and thought I would share a raw vs H.264 video with you guys.   http://www.learningdslrvideo.com/magic-lantern-raw-vs-h-264/ (sorry I could not figure out how to embed the video here.)   Dave
  6. @JHines thanks for mentioning that, I was averaging 84MB/s write and 110MB/s in live view mode and now I am averaging 107.2MB/s Write and 137.3 Read speed as measured by Magic Lantern's benchmark card test.
  7. I just got my Komputerbay 64G card today and made a video about me installing ML raw and speed tests on the card. Averaged 84MB/s write and 110MB/s read.   http://www.learningdslrvideo.com/magic-lantern-raw-5d-mark-iii/ (sorry I could not figure out how to embed the video here.)
  8. Thanks for doing all this research on the cards Andrew. I just ordered a Komputerbay 64GB, I will come back and let you know the speeds I get when it is delivered.
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