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  1. ugh that sucks, i really hope canon comes out with something that rivals that lens, i can live with a f4 for a parafocal power zoom with IS!
  2. i know, im amazed by it, so i guess there is no way to mount it on a canon body huh?
  3. the biggest bummer is that i wanted a camera i could put this lens on, Sony FE PZ 28-135mm f/4 G OSS Lens, i so wish canon made something even close to this for the price!
  4. oh great, thank you for the clarification, so there is no full frame 4k, it all makes sense now! oh, except for formats, mpeg?mjpeg? h264? whats going on with these?
  5. Thank you for quickly publishing this honest review, it's obviously much of a relief for us canon users that we dont have to go out and buy a whole new system. i was seriously considering it when i saw that beautiful sony power zoom with IS in another review… now we have to just wait for canon to put out a lens like that or a 1dc/5d1V with a nice evf and id be happy! one question about the 1dc, ive read all the reviews and one thing still confuses me, so are these are the video options; 4k full frame, 4k 35mm crop or 1080 full frame or 1080mm 35 crop? and if those all are available which is th
  6. so, checked out the XC10 in depth at NAB, i went there having preordered it with high hopes for a lightweight 4k camera that was cheap and easy enough to just whip out on scouts and do some tests. we were all let down pretty big on this one. first of al it just feels cheap, granted a lot of people playing with them at nab but while i was holding it the viewfinder just popped off so easily it literally fell off the camera. as well it sucked, it might be the worst view finder i have ever looked through, i had to ask, why does everything look purple on this view finder. i went through all the set
  7. ill also test if its parafocal and if the front of the lens turn with focus or the zoom, maybe we can put an slr magic 1.33x on it! sorry, i am an optimist!
  8. well one thing we are missing is that the zoom has 10x range, ill see it at nab and see what focal length the aperture actually starts ramping. its a 27-270 optical, so if its 27-100 at f2.8 that pretty great! to get a further range then that on lets say a canon 70-200 at f2.8 youll pay 2k just for the lens. unless there is a pocket camera from black magic that is 4k with slower frame rates, then this camera might surprise you on how much it will start popping up on productions. not films or commercials mind you, but behind the scenes and docs, like the 5D is limited to now. i can see using it
  9. throughout the digital video history of sony's cameras, they always have been high in quality but among the worst in a cinematic look, from the f23 to the f65, all revolutionary but all with a very video look. in fact the f23 was the only option for HD green screen work at one time, for about 2 years...
  10. im sorry to say, i dont think the arri lut works to well on the skin tones, they look horrible to me.
  11. more digital feel? i think the BMPC is the most cinematic camera in the dslr pipeline for sure, ive mixed it with an alexa on 9 commercial shoots already and the grade only has to be slightly changed in saturation to match. not to mention the Pro Res option which is what 8 out the 9 clients preferred to deal with in post. as andrew said, its not ready for a professional production, so a toy for 3k? id rather have a tool for 1k. not that if i didnt have money to blow i wouldnt own one. though it makes me think maybe i should buy another real bolex!
  12. its way too expensive for what it is, it needs to come down to pocket camera price. that being said, it does look pretty much the same as all the bolex footage i used to shoot back in the day, cross processing and reversal film prints. but, i have also seen this look come straight from an iphone and camera apps! pocket camera price…and i buy it.
  13. oh well, actually this first report just made me cancel my pre-order, i think ill wait to see if they fix the slow motion function, since this is the selling point for this camera for me and most people i think. That and the hopes for a flat gradable picture style, which isnt even mentioned.
  14. what about those angeniuex zooms with a built in finder that were for non reflex bolex's? it would be pretty cool if these worked and you could actually see through the lens optically!
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