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No significant improvement in Canon APS-C sensors since 2004

Andrew Reid

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It's just paper stats though, to me.


I've never taken a still shot on my 5DII and thought, "i wish that had more DR". Even shooting in the harshest conditions. If that drop in DR results in Canon's colour and skin tones.... Then i'm fine with it.


Try shooting with a sensor with better DR or some of the analog films with higher DR and you'll notice the difference in highlights and shadows. Then you'll understand that it isn't paper stats...


userage: Yep, Pentax uses the Sony sensors as well.

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I'm surprised Screens Pro cannot see where the frustration is coming from, he just has to open his eyes.   I think Canon's failings fall under many categories.   First there's their very slow prod

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Exceedingly poor show. If the 7D II is indeed the first APSC model to have a new sensor, let's hope it's really good.

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I've owned, rented and shot on all sorts of cameras, Nikon D3, Red One, Film etc etc


Note that i said i've never wished i'd had more, on the Canons..... not that you cannot tell the difference between 12 stops and 15 stops. 12 stops is enough for 99.5% of shots.



I'd rather have the Canon colour and skin tones than extra DR that only shows in the harshest of conditions

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and on the day that it looks like Canon's 5DIII might get raw video.... it leads me to the wonder if some indie film makers might always be left chasing numbers.


"I can't shoot my movie on the 5DIII raw because it only has 12 stops".


* That's not aimed at you, dahlfors.... Just a general thought.

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The good thing is all the Canon DSLRs share similar code and DryOS, with only the dual-chip 7D being a bit of an odd one.


They will port raw to other cameras and explore how far they can be pushed, but currently the 5D Mark III has the most capable hardware.


1D X even better of course, but a big mouth Canon 'rep' warned them off touching it.

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