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  1. Just wrapped up shooting. New music video coming out this month!

  2. I never knew you could download different styles. This doesn't differ from just having a custom picture style in my 60D set at -4 Contrast -2 Saturation does it?
  3. The first clip looks amazing. I'd like to see comparisons of it without RAW recording.
  4. Just met with another hip hop artist. This one's probably going to be the biggest video I've done so far in terms of amount of people in it and type of video! Yikes!

  5. Yeah I heard that the 70D will have the same sensor as the SL1 (which is a shame), but nothing is official yet. I'm still holding onto my 60D until I see that the 70D will be worth it (mainly looking for ISO performance).
  6. Coming from a photography background, I always got 77mm filters since they are the "standard" for "professional" lenses. Then I would just get step-up rings like a 62 to 77 for my Sigma 30mm 1.4, 52 to 77 for my Canon 50mm 1.8, etc.   You could stack filters but that's adding more glass in front of your lens. This increases the chance of unwanted flares, glares, etc. but also can degrade image quality. When I don't need a ND filter, I sometimes shoot with no filter at all.   One example was when I shot a video at night, obviously a ND filter wouldn't help. A UV filter on my Sigma
  7. Awesome music and video. Good job! I love the special effects also.
  8. Hey guys I'm new to the forum. I didn't see a section to introduce myself so I guess I'll just share a video!   A little tl:dr story about me, I started off as an amateur photographer until someone asked me if I could do a video for them. Warning them that I never shot video, I did it anyway while applying my photography knowledge into video. The result is me selling my 40D to get a 60D lol. First one I did was back in August 2012.   The person that asked me is the same one I just finished my recent video for. He goes by Sizzle and is a hip-hop artist.   Gear info: Canon
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