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H265 Best Media Player


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Hello guys, these days due to error I lost my codech265 file that ran Premiere pro cc 2015 without cloud, so I took the opportunity to update the operating system of my PC from Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows 10.
In checking the update of new programs I came across an attractive media player that plays h265 files smoothly consuming 30% less than MPC-HC, I recommend you try it, I have not detected virus or malware inside and they they only ask for a small optional donation.
Who has suggestions come forward!

link: https://www.smplayer.info/

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On 11/12/2017 at 11:09 AM, christrad said:

Sorry but it seems your player can't handle h264 4k smoothly like MPC-HC does. So I'm not even trying h265.

Hi Christrad, the topic it's "Best h265 media player".

If you work with hack 180Mbit/s  and need to see the clips without jerky or heat up the cpu , the smplayer make the difference. 

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MPC-HC works just fine for me though, you have to remember the only reason why SMPlayer seem to work better is because it has hardware acceleration for H265 built in which MPC-HC older versions lacked but it has it available in newest versions for me anyway, my 15W TDP AMD APU runs the NX1 HEVC files fine. 

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3 hours ago, Kisaha said:

Pot player seems to work the best here, less temperatures, less rpm. For editing laptops, that heat is a premium, it would be ideal.

I, too use Media Player Classic and Pot player.

All temperatures are similar, around 80 °.
In truth, the Potplayer is the one that handles the GPU and the motherboard worse, thus increasing the work of the CPU, in general, however, it is also the one that heats up less.

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Windows 10 supports it natively. That being said, in the recent fall creator's update it's no longer bundled with the OS, you have to download and install it seperately:


To get smooth playback with HEVC, I reccomend a proccesor with at least 6 cores. 

Once you have a system and NLE that can smoothly handle h.265, you understand the power and value of the format. 

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