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Help with 35-100mm II Jittering


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Hi, I just received my new 35-100mm II and I'm totally disappointed  about micro  Jittering in video mode. I also own a 40-150mm and surprisingly in body gh5 camera stabilization in doing a better job that "Dual I.S. 2.0"
What I'm doing wrong? or did I received a bad copy? any help is appreciated 

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I made a post on this months ago.



I don't think you are doing anything wrong, can't believe the lack of posts on this.  It was been sitting on the shelf ever since I bought it, waiting in vain for Panasonic to issue a firmware update which I assume they never will.  Thank you for reminding me to put it up on CL.


V1 works well with GH5 dual IS.  V2 is terrible on everything I assume, including my GH5 with dual IS II...

I still only use my V1s.


Don't understand what they are thinking regarding this lens... Is is absolute trash for video that's for sure (unless you only point it in one direction and never move).

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UPDATE: I think I solve most of the  Jittering. There are 4 modes of Stabilization. the one works best for me to simulate a tripod with a telephoto is Switch on the Stabilization button in the lens and Activating "E-Stabilization" in the menu and Switch off "IS Lock" So Far so good, I think for a Gimbal or Jib I will switch off the stabilization one example of that if the GoPro Karma that in the last firmware switch off the inbody stabilization of the Gopro 6 when the gimbal is used. 

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I don't think gimbal without IS will yield good results, especially at that focal length.


Fwiw I use the 35-100 v1 and gh5 with zhiyun crane frequently and with dual IS it yields decent results.  The crane could use some tweaking for increased smoothness though.


Great for compressing those cityscape shots and tracking distant objects.


Stupid horrible V2.  Only good for photos, which I don't need since I use FF instead.


It's stupid but if you want to use this focal length on a gimbal use V1.  It's quite useful depending on your style, otherwise you are really restricted to just static shots which is a shame.

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On 06/12/2017 at 6:04 PM, fuzzynormal said:

FWIW, just in general, I've been quite underwhelmed with Pany's implementation of Dual IS from other lenses as well.  A big fat "meh."

Which is why I'm tempted to just go back to the E-M10iii now that Olympus has 4k video.  The Olympus IBIS is really that much better than Panasonic's (at least base on my GX80 experience compared to the E-M5ii) and Olympus has better viewfinders in their smaller cameras too.

6 hours ago, leeys said:

Ah, there're two versions. Thanks for the info. Amazing that the newer lens is worse than the old one.

Wow, I can't believe that Panasonic got OIS wrong in video with the first 35-100/2.8 lens and then fixed it starting when the GX80 IBIS came out and now it seems as though they've broken it again with the new 35-100/2.8ii.  That is a double-shame as the 35-100/2.8 was a lovely lens for stills.  (I've just gone and sold my 35-100/2.8 v1).

Here is a video I did with the 35-100 lens when I first got my GX80 and compared it to my G7 and Olympus OM-D E-M5ii.


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