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  1. @Andrew Reid is a bit funny how much you hate Canon these days, the least you can do is change the website name LOL I'm almost convinced this Canon won't have a 4K FF RAW or 10Bits, Because this will Cannibalised sales of the unreleased C500. But let's be clear this is not a Video oriented camera. The market for this are the Old Fashion-Sport Photographer that are used to a mirror or the odd Rich Youtuber than feel cool with a huge body like this. Canon Still selling bodies and Lens as much are they want.
  2. Honestly I thought you post was a bit non sense, But recognizing the mistake was a wise moved. I think you could have done more damage to Blackmagic by making a review focusing on the camera flaws (That I'm sure will be a lot) instead of been personal about it. You are right is some of it but I think will be almost impossible change the system and the PR of those companies. at the end of the date they are just protecting their brand.
  3. I’m agree in some of what you said but you need to remember Luminous Landscape is a Photographic Website. I think you wishes for a Camera are similar than my but seems Canon mayor market for these still photography (At least they are very stupids) or maybe they can’t compete or are not interested. I think we should always look after Manufacturers like Panasonic that major market is video Profesionals.
  4. UPDATE: I think I solve most of the Jittering. There are 4 modes of Stabilization. the one works best for me to simulate a tripod with a telephoto is Switch on the Stabilization button in the lens and Activating "E-Stabilization" in the menu and Switch off "IS Lock" So Far so good, I think for a Gimbal or Jib I will switch off the stabilization one example of that if the GoPro Karma that in the last firmware switch off the inbody stabilization of the Gopro 6 when the gimbal is used.
  5. thanks for the help, There is any way to disable Lens Stabilization an only use in body stabilization in the GH5?
  6. Hi, I just received my new 35-100mm II and I'm totally disappointed about micro Jittering in video mode. I also own a 40-150mm and surprisingly in body gh5 camera stabilization in doing a better job that "Dual I.S. 2.0" What I'm doing wrong? or did I received a bad copy? any help is appreciated
  7. For Sale my SLR Magic Anamorphic Lens 70mm 1.33x T4 Anamorphic CINE PL Lens (EOS mount adapter included) The internal mask produces an anamorphic effect on flares closer to a 2x anamorphic without affecting the 1.33x optical anamorphic effect. Little used, Great condition Actual Pictures, Very Sharp and fully working $3550 USD + $ 35 USD . Shipping for US and Canada.
  8. Hi, What is the Widest Lens I can use with Kowa 16h on a Red Dragon 6K? Thanks
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