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For Sale: Panasonic GH3 body.


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I am not a regular poster to this forum, (I post primarily over at DPReview) but have been using a GH2 for two years for primarily stills photography.  I've got a nice M43 setup, and decided to upgrade to the GH3 a couple of months ago. 


It's a terrific camera, and the image quality is a significant improvement over the GH2, especially at high ISOs.  However, I'm finding it a bit large and more than I really need for my purposes, and that, combined with some vet expenses that have come up, have led to a decision to sell it.


I normally would go the Ebay route (my Ebay user name is jalywol), but they just raised their user fees to a beastly large amount, and I would rather sell it privately if possible.


The camera is complete, and in new condition, with box, packing, all accessories, plus one extra aftermarket battery.  I will send along a copy of the original sales slip (from Samy's) for your warrantee coverage. Price is $1150  plus shipping;  PayPal personal accepted.


If you would like to see photos of the camera, I have them posted in my DPReview gallery


http://***URL removed***/galleries/6695852382/albums/gh3-for-sale


Please PM me with any questions or for more info or samples from the camera.



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The fees have gone haywire. A price for listing, even charging for photo hosting (which is free on Photobucket and the like), then 10% of sale price, plus they take a cut for receiving a card payment to PayPal.


Then there's no protection for sellers as you can't leave feedback, so bullying and ignorant buyers are rife now.


Then they pay no f***ing corporation tax despite running their own currency.


*rant ends*

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Yes that's how I'd describe it, people forget you're just someone selling in your spare time and expect everything to be brand new and to be able to get hold of you at a moment's notice or threaten you with negative feedback, and there's nothing you can do!


About two years ago the atmosphere was nice, now I get two or three cases against me for every batch of things sold, usually for things like "didn't include this" when said thing wasn't in the listing, or the listing specifically said it wasn't there. drives you mad.

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I recently sold my X Pro 1. The man who turned out in the end to win the auction decided to start asking questions in the closing 10 minutes of the auction AFTER placing a 1400 euro bid.


After he won the auction, he decided he didn't like one the answers (the camera was about 12 months old) and didn't pay. He moaned at me and said he was very unhappy the camera wasn't brand new despite me listing it as USED. I'd used that camera about 6 times in 12 months!!


I assumed the deal was off, and then a full 4 days later he decided out of the blue to pay and then demanded next day delivery.


I'm not Amazon and I don't work for eBay. The whole thing is a joke.


eBay is like a little microcosm of modern society. They've removed any sense of buyer accountability or morals from the capitalist system :) The consumers are running amok.


The other little trick I've noticed is the "dog eyed consumer" who wins an auction, they sends you a mail fishing for a huge discount because they're oh so disappointed at something or basically a bit poor and suddenly don't think the item is worth what they felt it was 10 minutes ago whilst bidding.


I always tweet my stuff for sale before putting it on eBay through gritted teeth. It's totally a broken system.


Anyway hope your GH3 has sold JLW - have a free thread bump from me.

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I'm so glad others share my eBay sentiments.

I sold a synthesizer recently. After receiving payment and shipping the thing, the guy claims he hadn't received it and PayPal slaps me with a negative balance while the case is on going. All only 2 days after the auction.

After several phone calls and emails with eBay and PayPal, I realized I would have to take matters into my own hands. They sided in the buyers favor because I didn't upload shipping info immediately, despite the fact that I had uploaded it once he opened a case. He had my synth and my money for a week!

Well I crafted a legal looking document and threatened to sue the guy and he finally sent my money, in addition to a hateful email about how big of a jerk I was for threatening a lawsuit.

Never again
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I'll give you a bump too as long as we're talking about eBay.  I've only ever sold one thing on eBay, a Nikon D3100 when they were having a promotion for free listing/no sales fee.  It sold, I got my money, and never really heard from the person so that was nice.  


I buy quite a bit of stuff on eBay though, and I've only ever had one problem.  Once I bought an old zoom AI Nikon lens.  It was a pretty decent price, had a few small issues listed that weren't a big deal to me, and so anyway I bid on it and won.  When it arrived though, the lens smelled awful.  It smelled like aging and death.  I didn't know it was possible for something that was basically metal and glass to smell so bad. I sealed it in a tupperware container with a cup of baking soda, and it ruined the tupperware.  I tried the same thing with lime juice (which is apparently supposed to kill smells) and it didn't improve at all.  I tried it with Febreeze and had the same outcome.  


I ended up just putting the lens in storage.  I've never used it because I don't want my cameras to begin to share its smell.

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Well, I've been buying and selling on Ebay for around 10 or so years, but mostly vintage dinnerware, with the occasional electronics or camera sale when it was time to sell my old items.  The thing is, I rarely buy any dinnerware anymore there, since at least 50% of the time now it has undisclosed damage (chips, cracks, scuffs) that completely devalues the piece.  Unfortunately, all of the other collectors out there have figured this out too, so now if you are an actual GOOD seller, you can't get the correct value for your items since buyers won't pay premium prices for anything on Ebay (since they assume it will have hidden damage)....I've gone to selling my dinnerware to a private group of collectors through a message board and a couple of Facebook groups instead.  It's much nicer and easier all around, although it is a smaller audience than would be reached by Ebay (but oh so much less hassle...).


I've mostly had pretty good experiences selling electronics and camera stuff with a couple of notable exceptions, but the level of fraud that is going on now has gotten pretty high, and I can't really afford to risk that.  Ebay does NOT give even good sellers the benefit of the doubt, and that is a real problem. Buyers have learned they can beat the system and scam their way out of paying for their goods by using the "buyer protection" feature, and it's just gotten too iffy to sell there anymore (plus the cost is just insane now).


I have not sold the GH3 yet, though, so I may have to list it there at some point...I'll give it more time though... Thanks all for your comments!



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