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Andrew Reid

I found a prototype of the RED Hydrogen's holographic screen

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Holographic screens could be one of the next jumps in smartphone technology, certainly if RED's Hydrogen is anything to go by, but very little is known about the technology and very few people have seen the holographic display in action. Until the RED Hydrogen ships, it's a complete mystery.

However, Leia, the company behind the display already had prototypes of the technology out in the wild.

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I want to know who was able to get hole of the prototype in the first place and then decided they might as well sell it to Cash Converters. Considering the amount of widely available stuff I still have from 2015, it seems crazy to get rid of something so soon that is a rare object.

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Likely from an employee of a big media company or some such, who was told to sell surplus equipment.

The device could have been part of a work project that was completed and then they had no use for it.

Now it's definitely a rarity. Cost me £300. Let's see what it's worth in 10 years. Probably nothing ;)

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Hi, I'm owner of tridimensional.info website, maybe I can help.

First you need to test some traditional 3D images. I assume 3D SBS photos will not be recognised by device. So maybe you need some 3D interlaced images, I can send you some if you need, but before of that you need to know exact resolution of device to make an appropiate interlaced image. Being "holographic" device will have more than 2 views than an 3D interlaced photo, but you will notice something strange parts of photo going popup with that interlaced image used to test. If this test is succesful we need to try interlaced images with different number of views (like 3d postcards), I can provide such images too. Red Hydrogen One are claimed to be multiview 4 view format, so maybe this prototype, but not for sure.

If interlaced test is unsuccesful we need to try with depth map .jpg images. I can provide some, assuming the device is using standard depth map .jpg format from Google.

There are some other formats I can't generate, but there are videos found on weshare3d.com (and they claim to provide content for the upcoming Red Hydrogen One and other upcoming holographic and 3d devices).

If none of above works maybe the device needs some sort of software activation, so more probably you need to use Windows and Visual Studio but it will be difficult to wonder what to do without SDK or any documentation.

I'll wait for your findings and questions

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