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  1. You'd probably end up with a Black Magic Design lookalike. On a different note I don't think Panasonic really needs to get rid of the Lumix name it works good to differentiate from the video line, but I would agree their full frame sensor product line should probably be something different and make Lumix the micro four thirds category. Panasonic must feel like they are not an underdog anymore so they are adopting the same practice of building a flagship camera and then finding overtly arbitrary ways to gimp features on it to sell to people who will trade features for a discount. The golden years of the GH2 were fun. It's too bad Panasonic doesn't want to be that company today.
  2. I'll admit, Canon still seems to have the best color scientists on the planet. They may be floundering around in their selection of popular products, but when they do so get something out, the color balance is usually better than the competition.
  3. Why do you think there needs to be quality and expensive content on Youtube? It sounds like you are trying to turn a generic video blogging platform designed for one kind of content into something it wasn't designed to be.
  4. I want to know who was able to get hole of the prototype in the first place and then decided they might as well sell it to Cash Converters. Considering the amount of widely available stuff I still have from 2015, it seems crazy to get rid of something so soon that is a rare object.
  5. I don't know. I think if Panasonic changes the sensor size they should probably give it a new product line instead of the GH series. I also think if they somehow manage to put that newly invented Global Shutter sensor into the GH5 before the end of the year, they could stay at 4K and probably still wipe the floor with their competition.
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