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Meeting Tomorrow - First Client - Advice Please!!!!


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8 hours ago, sondreg said:

Atleast consider what you need to do the work into the equation. Your camera wasn't free when you bought it, and it would probably cost you to rent if you didn't have one. Storage and an editing pc isn't free either. Neither is travel, royalty free music, lunch, software, etc... You'd also want to charge some for future investments too. How are you going to afford, say, a new lens through work if you spend all your money working? You'll quickly find these things really add up... This they should atleast cover!

If you're doing it for free you're practically throwing away your hard earned money & devaluing video work in your area, which in my opinion is totally unacceptable.

I totally hear you, I think video work in my area was devalued looooong before I moved here!

Obviously, I dont want to work for free. In my day business, I never would.

I have some other ideas to get my work noticed by modelling agencies!

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@Charlie Do what you want.

Choose the model by yourself. Make her a video completly naked and get thousand of views on vimeo. Enjoy the shooting and the editting those slow motions.:glasses:


I'm in south Spain based too.

Bussisnes here is really difficult. Only BBC (spanish joke reffering weddings, baptisms and communions.)

This is not my main job. So as "hobbyist" i shoot what i want only and usually for free.

If you don't have family/childrens and can move easily, try in Marbella area where many rich people would pay great money for your videos for sure.

There many real state videos where wide angle/gimbal/drone is a must, are really good payment. (I get 200 euros for flying my drone 5 min over a village.)

There are some russian model agencies too where you can try.

Many rich teens want to be models.


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I have done my share of free work. And this year I completely stopped with that, and I got 3 times more work then before. And with the money I raised, I can upgrade my toyset and invest in my own passion projects. So in this case I would use these models in my own passion project if I got one lined up, if not I would not bother until I got something going on. 

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23 hours ago, CanonTheBarbarian said:

very very good advice, never work for free. pablogrollan - are you living in spain?, I didnt know that there is such jooouicy market for filmmaking, is it more Madrid or Barcelona ? maybe it's time to move south 

Yes, I live in Madrid. The only big downside is that the industry is pretty much Madrid and Barcelona... Mallorca gets shootings from German production companies -some have offices there- but the rest of the country lacks large clients and agencies, I'm afraid. Still, Madrid is well communicated and it is no problem to shoot on location all over Spain if you are based in Madrid -happens often-. As to which is bigger, well Madrid is a bigger and more populated city and there is a wider variety of clients and projects but Barcelona has always been big on advertising -many advertising agencies there- so while there's probably less "film industry" in absolute terms there's probably more work relative to its size.

19 hours ago, Charlie said:

Given my situation, would you do it? 

By the way, this is my current reel.

Double edged sword... since you don't need the money you could do it for free as a hobby, but then again if you don't need the money you don't have to put up with shitty clients and can afford to pass on a job that pays nothing but "networking". Ask yourself if those are really the kind of contacts you want/need/can lead to better or at least paid gigs.

Your reel is maybe missing some more "variety" to showcase your skills and some studio work to show how you deal with studio lighting, but the footage is really nice, the editing is fine and it is DEFINITELY GOOD ENOUGH to be paid work!! There's nothing in that reel that screams "amateur not yet ready to make a living out of it"... Have some appreciation for your talent and your work, if you don't sell yourself nobody else will do it for you.

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On 10/18/2017 at 12:03 AM, Kisaha said:

1) First of all it is his first job, ever. I did a lot of free, low payed jobs in late 90's so I can learn different skills in our field.



On 10/18/2017 at 3:27 AM, Kisaha said:

I worked with a Swedish photographer a couple of weeks ago, he is 5 years in the business, while I am 19, he was earning 5-6 times what I earn per year,


Edit: oh whoops, just realised you meant you've been doing this for 19 years! :-o 

Not that you are a 19yo :-P lol, oops. 

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@IronFilm wish I was 19, best age ever!!

unfortunately in a small country with huge financial difficulties there aren't so many well paid jobs.

e.g I see a lot of people working in modeling videos and real estate, which do not exist all in my country, no one is doing this professionally in the sense that happens in other countries. So 2 sources of income less!

Reality is different between most of us, this is one world, but is based in un-equality!

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