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BlackMagic Pocket CC Footage (quick&dirty) by Brawley


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Pretty fantastic.
Resolution is noticeably a step down from the tack sharp BMCC. Looks more like GH2 or sharpened GH3. Which is good if you want to use those as a B cam, I guess.
Dynamic range appears very similar to the big brother, as promised. Amazing for a camera that tiny.

At $1000, I think it's a no-brainer to any M43 filmmaker.
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Really we need the original footage.


I downloaded the compressed footage and it looks like BMC to me. The only problem is can't see the dynamic range but the footage has been corrected and playing with colour correction is great. People are saying because there is no room to debayer the footage looks soft. Doesn't to me though.



Having said that This is I think sourced from prores so it wont need debayering and should look as good as the standard BMC which I assume does pro res in 1080 by cropping the 2.5k frame I think.

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I've been puzzling over these new Blackmagic cameras the past few weeks, but now I can see that the pocket camera could be a useful addition as a B-cam to anyone's setup. I shoot on an FS-700 and love the image I get out of it, but trying to be quick & handheld, stealing shots where you can sometimes be a bit tricky as I have it fairly rigged up.


The Pocket camera I can see now has a definite application for people shooting run and gun, where you just might need to get in with a crowd of people and nick off some shots fast - pretty much what Brawley was doing here. But over something like a GH3 or a 5D it'll shoot in a nice edit-friendly format so it won't add on any extra time to your workflow when it comes to edit.


As I say, I was really unsure about it's use but this film clears everything up for me now. Also, that Panny lens comes out pretty well in this doesn't it?

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Yep it seems to be a Fantastic little beast!

Nice to compare the downloaded footage & his new corrected one - shows what you can recover in post with ProResHQ files.


Was it just me or was rolling shutter effect pretty absent - the opening car scene.

Couldn't notice moire effects either.

And as far as sharpness is concerned, its perfect just as it is or you could add some, but really why would you.


For quick rough & ready footage, this really does prove to be a real DSLR killer - much better than anything out there at the moment.

Just have to wait to see what it can really do when he actually plans out a shoot.


Now they have to ship in numbers in July & i guess they will.

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Wow that's impressive footage for just walking around.  I thought there would be loads of jello, but the rolling shutter looks good.  Can't wait for this camera!

The lens' stabilization was on and even though it appears to have done a great job, I'm still apprehensive of the rolling shutter. I'd like to see some test comparisons, but overall the picture looks awesome and filmic, which is the main issue I guess :D

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