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Iscorama 36 Proxiscope rehousing – close focus and cine gears

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Hey guys, I wanted to share this rehousing mod I made recently for my Iscorama 36.

It's a replacement for a front piece of old plastic housing, that is made of anodized aluminum and has cine gears, retaining 72mm front filter threads and adding just 50 grams of weight.

It took me quite some time to figure out this design and I'm pretty proud of it! It solves some real-world problems like close-focus, enabling you to focus down to 1.1m, but unlike DIY mode it has a hard stop at 1.1m and infinity, and looks way nicer then a grub screw drilled into a hole. 

I made a little video explaining what it is, since after I posted this on facebook people started asking what it does and what are the specs, and asking how to buy one. https://www.dropbox.com/s/wd1w620ddxnv2je/proxiscope.pdf?dl=0

I have decided to order a small batch of these, and already placed an order at one of the shops that does the first stage of the milling. I will make another video showing a closeup process of swapping the housings, so people can evaluate the effort and see if the price (which will be announced at the same time) is right for them. This is intended as a do-it-at-home kind of mod, but you can also take it to the nearest photo technician and they'd be able to do it for you, it's a simple process that takes 3-5 minutes to perform.

I also made a PDF with some specs, you can find it here. https://www.dropbox.com/s/wd1w620ddxnv2je/proxiscope.pdf?dl=0

If you're interested in getting one – shoot me a message and we'll figure it out, there's a little queue forming already :)







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I was lucky enough to grab a Proxiscope from Max as soon as it became available...he had previously sent me his prototype to do a test fitting on my DIY close focus modded pre-36 iscorama. Here follows my review after using it for a few weeks...

Full Disclosure:

Although I was graciously approached by max to test out his prototype, I did not take up on the kind offer of a discount in the purchase price of the final housing. This was due to me wanting to give an honest review, as well as back someone who was going to add a great partial rehousing option to those with iscorama 36 lenses. Therefore my review is from the perspective of a regular customer.

I am very happy to report that the Proxiscope housing works flawlessly, not only with MC and pre-36 models- but with lenses that have already been DIY modified (cutting/ shaving stopper and body to allow grub screw stopper to be inserted for new stop etc). This is possible due to the proxiscope locking metal collar that completely bypasses the original plastic section and the front section having an integrated relocated metal stopper. The ingenious design allows the new front to enable the same close-focus ability as the DIY mod, but in a MUCH more elegant and reassuring way. No longer is the fear that the grub screw will work loose and let the rama front go smashing to the ground for example. The integrated focus gear to the design is much better than any third-party gear ring, as those never quite conform properly to the isco's tapered front.

The anodised finish of the Proxiscope is very complimentary to the original isco design as it does not spoil the classic look with obnoxious bulges or with added weight that then restricts it to rail mounting. Focus markings are clear and are denoted in meters, I think feet measurements are also an option. The Proxiscope comes in a nice wooden box, with all the tools needed to install, with easy to follow video instructions to be found on YouTube. Installation takes about 4 mins and can be 100% reversible to original factory condition.

In a world where everyone wants something for free, some may question the price. These people need to take just a second to consider the design time, R&D testing and small-run costs of getting anything of quality made these days. Also the fact that the current cost of a Tokina +0.4 combined with a decent focus gear will run you a comparable amount - without actually giving you the benefit of an 'in-body' solution that the Proxiscope does...Oh, and it's under half the price of the cheapest VD rehousing mod (that you have to wait 90 days+ for!).

So, all in all...a very impressive product that massively improves the practicality of using iscorama 36 lens types for modern film making whilst still maintaining the isco's classic look and light weight. Rehousing is solidly built with clear instructions for installation. Fully compatible with 'factory' iscorama 36 lens types...as well as those with previous DIY close-focus modded lenses.



(pic below shows slim UV filter attached - not part of Proxiscope)


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Awesome milestone and valuable review from the both of you! Currently, my own Pre-36 is still at VD (still trying to work out a solution to their own mod--apparently, some problematic-level cement on the rear element housing was applied way back--meh),  but should I ever stumble upon another opportunity to upgrade one of these, I'll be sure to look this way.

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On 12/26/2018 at 11:51 AM, mirekti said:

Do you know what is the stretch factor at minimum focus, does it remain close to 1.5x?

Not meaning to open a can of worms - but most iscorama models (at least 36, pre 36 and 54 types) have an actual stretch factor of 1.42x. But to answer the question - no, I’ve not noticed any discenable shift in ratio when setting minimum focus using the proxiscope.

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1 hour ago, Hans Punk said:

have an actual stretch factor of 1.42x

I have heard this somewhere else the other day, and that’s ok, a perfect match for upcoming S1/S1R as it results in 2.53 aspect ratio i.e. the sides don’t need to be cropped too much to get 2.35, 2.3x or 2.4x or whatever else the magic number is.

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