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On 30.06.2017 at 3:14 PM, BTM_Pix said:

I would imagine the 80D would smoke it for stills and there are lens choice advantages, particularly on the wides.

But having said that, you could get the G80 with a smart speedbooster for less money and reduce the bridge the lens gap and make a dent on the low light as well.

Whereas the advantages the G80 has of 4K and the IBIS (not to mention small primes in MFT format) and form factor are not something that you can bring to the 80D. Or, it seems, can Canon this side of 2020 ;)

Thats why the G80 is the sweet spot for me.

The one that could have been, if Fuji had IBIS, would be the X-T20.

What smart speedbooster are you talking about? Metabones? Or what brand?

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I'm a hybrid shooter, doing mainly travel videos of family, in recent years I've shot with the GX1, GH3, RX100 iv and A7R2.

I took a long look through all my work around a month ago to try and decide what cameras I most enjoyed shooting with and which produced my best work. I concluded that m4/3 was my sweet spot. Some of my favourite pics came from the GX1, some of my favourite video from the GH3. I found that I really missed shooting with a GX1 style body. With such a small camera, I'd be more likely to carry the camera with me. With m4/3 (as opposed to the RX100) I'd be more likely to make an effort on the photo side.

After reading Andrew's GX85 + Nocticron article and BTM_Pix's hack (tks so much guys!) I decided to pick up a GX85 a few weeks back. On the first day, I remembered why I loved Pannys UI (and disliked Sony's...) it was like coming home.

In Hong Kong you can buy a brand new GX85 for around US$420 body only. I have a feeling this will be my new "sweet spot"

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2 hours ago, srgkonev said:

What smart speedbooster are you talking about? Metabones? Or what brand?

The Metabones one.

Though now having actually bought one, I would maybe look at trying the Kipon Baveyes version and saving a few quid as I'm not sure the AF performance difference is as significant as I was expecting it to be with the Metabones.

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From what I've seen online it's: Metabones > Zhongyi > R.J. (Jinrong) > BAVEyes (Kipon & IB/E Optics, Bayern (Bavaria -> BAV) (Handevision brand, remember that overpriced underperforming 40mm f/0.85? The BAVEyes seems to have been struggeling with sharpness issues, especially away from the center, chromatic abberation, etc. Not sure if this was addressed in later additions like the Kipon MF to FF) > brandless (and re-brands of the same one, like sold at the Roxsen eBay store). Like, if you don't want to spend the premium on a Metabones, get the Zhongyi Lens Turbo (latest version), which is superb value. Surely all manual though. Of course, if you need electronics it's a little different, probably doesn't get much better than the Metabones. Aputure has the EF DEC LensRegain as well. Aside from these two, personally I'd think I'd kinda forget about it what electronic focal reducers concerned? Would be interesting to hear some (debunking) other 2cts of course.

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