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GH5 tips tricks and questions only


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26 minutes ago, mercer said:

@jonpais that looks really good. I assume you are happy with the GH5? I’d be a liar if I didn’t admit that I am slightly interested in getting one, but I really don’t need another camera this second, so I am going to wait and see what that new rumored GH Photo camera will have to offer.

With the GH5, I am only really interested in the 10 bit 200mbps all-i, IBIS, shutter angle option, CineLikeD, and VFR... so I am hoping that a more photocentric GH camera may have some or most of those features. We shall see. 

How much wiggle room do you have with the Leeming LUT? Since it is so popular, it seems that there will be a whole lot of footage floating around that looks very similar?

Thanks, Glenn. First of all, my sample might possibly be able to look way better than it does - I guess there's a discussion going on now over at FB about how FCP is correctly flagging the clips as HLG rec2020 - so I have to figure out how to disable that. If anyone here knows, please let me know. 

It's taking a bit longer than I predicted months ago, but it won't be long before another, smaller, less expensive Panasonic comes along with some of the pedigree of the GH5, but I wasn't expecting it to be photocentric like the rumors have it.

When you purchase the Leeming LUT, you get a free pack of 'Quickies', which are different looks you can apply to your footage. And not stupid Hollywood looks or crazy colors, but tastefully done LUTs. So there's that. Then, the rest is up to your skills as a colorist and your own imagination. In fact, I really don't see a whole lot of stuff on YT graded using the Leeming LUT, though I'm sure it's out there.

Edit: I just figured out how to override the color gamut. The colors of my original clip are way off, yet they look decent if you don't compare. :) New screen grab on its way, probably tomorrow.

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