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GH3 hack ?


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I know theres a topic for GH2 but I just purchased a GH3 and have anamorphic lenses on hand, ready to try a hack...


any users out there able to lend any advise on where to start?

i.e : are all the available hacks out there compatible with the GH3?


ive gone through andrew's bible, can brainstorm the basics ... but cant even seem to find a download for the firmware for the GH3 to start with.


anyone whose hacked their GH3..would greatly appreciate any comments.



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i found the driftwood hack for the gh2 to add a lot more dynamic range and give a much flatter profile. i shot a full feature on the gh2 and the diifference between the hacked and non-hacked footage was drastic enough that we re-shot several scenes once the hack was installed. I was an early adopter of the gh2, and it took several months for the driftwood patch to come along. I expect a similar timeframe for the gh3 hacks. however, i'd say the gh3 is more than capable of shooting a dramatic feature straight out of the box. here's a link to some of the latest press for my film, the demon's rook, which was shot with hacked gh2s: http://www.dreadcentral.com/news/64283/exclusive-not-safe-work-artwork-premiere-demons-rook

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The GH2 hacks are quite over-rated. They don't really add any dynamic range, or make the picture profile flat. They just increase the bitrate, and pushed the ISO, in video, to 12800 ISO. 


Thats all. 

they "just" increase the bitrate

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lol @ "just increase the bitrate"

The GH2 (and others) are not Magic Lantern style firmware hacks that introduce new menus and help screens and lots of new configurations.  They make the quality of the captured (motion) images higher, by a TON. There a loads of profiles available to load into your camera that can simulate a very film-like grain and others.


And, since you can't hack your GH3 yet, I'd be willing to trade you 2 GH2's for it, if you are in a hurry to get hacking and shooting gorgeous footage. 

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