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My $125 Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera Test


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Was messing around trying out the pocket cam I just scored for cheap because it has dead pixels... if you look closely its in there...

Had to shoot on ProRez LT because I only have one small memory card.

Used a Cheapo Adapter and a Canon FD 24mm 2.8 & Canon FD 50mm 3.5 macro  

I have no lights so I took 99 cents store flashlights, a empty box, some foil and wax paper to make a soft box.

Man think I like the BMPCC Im thinking about rigging it out... but its hard to blow more money on a $125 cam thats  ultimately faulty...

Plus it seems I need to at least get a 3 point light set.

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Many Moons ago I used to edit commercials at a local news station I love post production but I never learned how to shoot. 

Ive been teaching myself  to shoot with my NX-1 but I cant believe this little $125 BMPCC is making me rethink. Ive never touched a Blackmagic Camera before.

Maybe I should sell my NX-1 and 6 lenses (including both "S"Lens 30mm, 16mm, 45mm 12mm) Get a Metabones bmpcc EF adapter find some EF lenses over the next couple of months (18-35 1.8  70-200, 50mm) and shoot for a URSA Mini down the line... 

BMPCC Its a bit of a pain to shoot with but when you get those buttery prores and raw files into resolve they are truly FUN to work with...

if I do sell my NX stuff I can sell my resolve dongle because I don't need it without h265 and I would prob get one free with a URSA mini purchase down the road... 

Ill meditate on it for a month or so.

8 hours ago, Earl R. Thurston said:

You've also demonstrated that in the right hands, one does not need a lot of expensive equipment to get good-looking results. Well done demonstration.

Thanks for the kind words man



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Yeah Black Magic stuff can be habit forming! :grimace: Best bang for the buck. But I do wish they would come out with Version 2 on all of them and solve the quirks on them. I mean no camera is flawless, but BM is new to the game, came up with some crazy cheap stuff, with no way to really fix the warts on them. Time to get quality in the bodies also, and in some cases better form factor. BMCC comes to mind.

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