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Just another anamorphic music video

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So, we had a quick shoot, here's the result:

Setup: GH4 4:3 anamorphic mode, pentax 50mm smc f1.7, Sankor Compact 2x Single focus anamorphot which is still for SALE, DIY LED panels, homemade dolly with a fluid head and a regular tripod work. You might notice that the opening shot is with a spherical lens, well that's because of the glidecam. Edited & graded in premiere with some luts.



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Thanks @PepperJay!

@Dr. Verbel', like I mentioned in my post, it was shot with a spherical lens. To be more precise: GH4 + Lens Turbo + Tokina 11-16 set to f2.8 (x0,72 = f2.0 &), shot in 4K (so 11mm x 2.2 crop x 0.72 lens turbo = 17mm FOV). I did not bother to add anamorphic lens flare to it in the post. Everybody can feel the difference between the shots so why fake it?

The camera was mounted to a glidecam, the operator was sitting in a trolley, therefore we eliminated the Y axis :) but it was still a bit shaky, so I stabilised it in premiere, you can see some artifacts, but hey, like we care :D :)

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9 hours ago, Dr. Verbel' said:

Sorry, I read inattentively the description :grimace:  I thought that everything was filmed using anamorphic. And I thought, surely there is autofocus ana?.. By the way, generally have autofocus anamorphot, except one diy Arduino sample video?..

No problem, mate :)

We planned to shoot this anamorphic, with long rails and a dolly, but since we were short on time we decided to give up on the idea. 

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