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My feature screening in New York. Come see it!

Raafi Rivero

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Hi folks, I wanted to let the EOSHD community know that my first feature is screening as part of the Urbanworld Film Festival in New York in two weeks. Some of you may live in the city so I’d love to meet you there, or at least let you know it’s happening. While I had been familiar with the site earlier, I became a regular EOSHD reader in the months immediately after we wrapped production. I also started reading Reduser, BMCuser, and DVXuser at that same time, but a year later this is the only of those that I check every day. I think there’s a great mix here of people looking to improve their grasp of technique, and those looking to improve their ideas about creativity itself. That’s why I’ve read and commented so consistently. 

On a technical/gearhead note, we shot principally on the RED Camera, but used the Canon C500 (+Odyssey recorder) for night exteriors, and had some b-roll and pickups shot on the GH4. One scene was even shot on an iPhone, but it was supposed to look like it. Here’s an article in No Film School about the film from a couple weeks ago.

In any case, the New York premiere of my first feature is a big moment in my life and filmmaking career and I’d love to share it with whatever members of this community are able to attend.

Here’s a link to the screening info and the trailer is below. Thanks!


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Really like the atmosphere and intensity of the material. If the film keeps what the trailer promises you got a winner here!

Congrats on having done a feature film at all!

But most of all congratulations for having done, what seems by the trailer, to be a really beautiful piece of cinema!

Gonna read the article on filmschool later, looks like a great read!


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